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10 Meter game update

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Some of you will remember the article wrote about 2 years ago explaining the 10 meter air rifle team that my old High School was starting. Since then I retired from that school, moved 80 miles, bought a new house AND got involved with another air rifle team at the local sportsman's club. Great bunch (and the coaches ain't bad either), but much younger than the high school kids I coached before. Anyway, last week we had 4 of the kids compete in different events and they did SO well! Three of them (siblings) competed at Penn State in a 5 meter BB gun competition ( a big deal here) and they swept it. First place in all three age divisions! Another young lady (9th grade), competed at in a 10 meter air rifle match at her local club. She said she was really intimidated, since all of the other competitors had expensive precision rifles and scopes. She, like all our kids, shoots a Sporting Class rifle. She took second place in the first two rounds and first place in the third!! All of the coaches told her - it isn't the gun, it'd the person behind it (although we know a great gun can help a good shooter). The entire team did very well also against my old school - our youngest shooter was 9, using Sporter class rifles. Yes,our kids lost, but by less that 120 points AND our top shooter came within 4 points of theirs. So,we had a great year. My thanks to all of you here who helped and advised me when I started the last team - especially @Pistolkitty . She knows why.
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Awesome season, DAWG!!

Correction, COACH DAWG!
Just one of many, Mole. But the kids are really doing well, especially the younger ones.
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