10 round magazine problems c9

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by coreyb, Mar 9, 2016.

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    Just purchased 10 round magazine adjusted the feed lips but still having alot of problems with nose diving. Has anyone got this mag to feed correctly? Or tried tuning them ag spring?
  2. I had the same problem with my 10 rd magazine and tried all the "tricks" I found here and on the internet to get it to stop with the nose-diving round problem.

    I'm not being wise guy, but I fixed it - by putting the 10 rounder on the shelf and going with the stock 8 rd mag that it came with. No problems whatsoever with that one!

  3. CoreyB, you might want to send the mag back to Hi-Point, (assuming it is a H-P factory magazine!), with a note, to "Peter" at Customer Svc. ([email protected], with a note as to what's wrong. Since you messed with the feed lips, they may not want to take it back for replacement-- Did you try it first, and fully load it for a week to give the spring set time to adjust, before doing any modifications?
    I do know that the magazines from other mag makers are usually considered crap, and don't work well, but then it is also known that the C-9 factory mags are the weak link in the C-9. There have been many others who have had problems with them, as I did at first with my 3 H-P 9 mms. They seem to all have settled down and work fine now, after some use.
    Just sayin'
    Fred (Honcho)
  4. Recoman

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    Same here. I sent my 10 round mag back and requested an 8 round. Exchanged, no problem.
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    NE Utah

    I must be really lucky, and be a mechanical genius to boot.:p

    I have more than a few 10 round 9mm mags. Only two needed work, and that work was simply smoothing the inside edges of the rear mag lips, then spreading them and the front lips slightly.

    Took three minutes, 100% reliable now.

    It's a cheap gun, with cheap mags. Fluff and buff and break in are the trade off.
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    I do have 1 ten round mag. I adjusted the feed lips and took it apart, stretched the spring a small bit, and put a slight upward bend in the spring where it contacts the follower. You can check out j/Dalton on youtube for assistance if needed. If you're not comfortable doing this, send it back, MoM will take care of you.:D
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    Never had to do anything to my mags except let them sit loaded. And yes, they were having the same problems you described. You can also speed up the process by working the springs up and down about a 100 times with a pencil/ruler/dowel rod/etc.
  8. Recoman

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    I got a new 45 mag from Iberia just yesterday. The lips were so tight I could hardly load it,:eek: much less it feed the gun:mad: I was aggravated so I sent a return request. John from Iberia emailed to send it back, they'd replace or refund, my choice. I calmed down :rolleyes: compared to my other mags, lips way off, adjusted, works fine. Emailed John back and told him what I had done, he said that should do it. If not send it back, he would take care of it :) What more can you ask for from a company? :thankyou::dance:
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    Thanks for all the feed back...about 95% of the ppl I have spoken with said my best bet would be to just send it back to MoM and request a 8rd, which I guess I'm going to do bc I have been letting it set fully loaded for a while now and I go to unload it to fide the spring is broken n half... I know the price difference is small but does mom through in anything xtra for you if swap for smaller mag
  10. Recoman

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    Nope, just no more pita 10 rounder! Lol...
  11. IDMTfirefighter

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    The 10 round magazine seem to have more issues than the eight round mags...plus the extension is really just plain old but ugly looking (IMO). The two extra rounds does not seem worth the hassle to me
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    Nobody listens. Just load 'em up and let them sit for s few weeks. Or work the springs up and down. It really does get rid of most issues.
  13. Recoman

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    I tried "all" those tricks. Have one 10 round that works good now, but the one I sent back was just hopeless junk,:( no matter what I did. Got the new 8 rd. from MoM, no problems yet,:D straight outta the pack. Must be a "grab bag sorta thing. :confused: I do like the looks of the 8 rd. better, but that's just me I guess.

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    Bahaha at me :rofl: Spoke too soon. Got my C9 out for a few rounds. 8 rounders bam bam bam...no problems :D Slapped that supposedly good 10 rounder in, jerked that slide, STOP!!! :mad: Nosedive :mad: Dropped the mag and took a round out, slapped er back in...bang times 9 without a hiccup :hyper: 8 rounders are fine, just can't count on the 10 rounders unless you got 9 in, then it's not worth the power drill look to me :lame:
  15. coreyb

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    I agree I just decided to give up on mine today and sent it back to MoM today, to swap for 8 rounder. Has anyone else noticed there mags hitting the slide lock and that causing the nose dive, that is another thing that I noticed today
  16. Well I guess I'll bring this thread back to life. Today I went out shooting and only took my 10 round mag, loaded it up with Remington UMC 9mm 115gr. Put the mag in pulled back the slide and a round loaded no problem. Shot it and the next round jammed, dropped the mag cleared it and shot the rest of them. Next few times I did have two more jams but I thought maybe it was limp wristing because I was trying a new way to grip the gun. Went back to the original grip and same problem. Now here's my main concern I put in a full mag and loaded a round. Than I wanted to eject that round and see if another would load, when I pulled the slide back the mag fell out. Is this OK or do i have to have it looked at?
  17. dynapoint

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    Not sure whether you've got a C9 or a carbine. But I've never had a mag fall out, or any particular feed problem with my C9 with 10 round mags (with brass ammo).
    Be sure your mag release isn't binding on the grip panel. But it's not supposed to do that.
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  18. I just got off the phone with MOM and the tech said the mag spring is the problem. They were really nice and are sending me a new one. Has anyone replaced this before? They said it was easy to do.
  19. It's easy. Use a butter knife to spread the tabs and the base pops right off.
    IIRC, I think Cicpup posted pics on this...
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  20. I think he was talking about a spring inside the gun. Anyway I took the gun apart to see if anything looked broken. Didn't seem like anything was broken or out of place, but I did notice on the feed ramp it looked a little chewed up at the bottom. Ran my finger over it but seemed smooth. I cleaned it up and put it back together, next is to take it back out shooting and see what happens.