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10 round shoots only 9 rounds without jamming..... send in or deal with it?????

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My 10 round mag for my c9 only shoot 9 perfect if I load ten it will jam. It shouldn't be the spring ( as it has been loaded for about 5 months).
I emailed Hi-Point and they said to send it in and they will send me a replacement.
The mag does work perfect with 9 rounds just not with 10.
What should I do? Keep the 9 round 10 round mag :) or send it in??? 9 out of 10 ain't bad, lol
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send it in
send it in. ive had a couple like that over the years.

I sent in 3 that didn't work and they sent me back 3 that worked fine...Seems the ones you get from the HP repair site work while the ones that you get from their Accessories site just don't cut it!
sounds like I need to send it in :D
it holds 10 not 9.

send it ;)
How long have you had it? You are sure it is a 10 round mag.
Some mags need to be loaded as far as you can and let them set for a week or two.
I had one of the HP 40SWs and had to do that with both of the mags because I could not get 8 or 10 rounds in.
The 8 round mag I could only get 7 in in the begining and the 10 round I could just get 8 rounds in. It took time to ge the spring in the mags conditioned to accept 8 and 10 rounds.
You may be having the same issue with your C9.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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