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  1. greg_r

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    I was not going to comment, but here goes anyways. I think this is a very bad idea that could cause harm to the HI Point brand.

    Watching a documentary a while back and it showed a gangbanger showing of his Hi Point and a wad of money. To me this just puts them both together.

    I know opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one, and I do hope I am wrong. Just saying......
  2. ajole

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    I don't see why it should be different for HP than for Glock or any other maker?
  3. cicpup

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    Bangers will be Bangers. I'd be more worried about a kid thinking this one's a toy. Luckily at that price it'll probably never sell.

  4. greg_r

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    I was just putting the two together. I showed a picture of the $100 gun to my SIL when I first saw it a month or so ago. The first thing he did was compared it to the documentary. Commented that bangers always show off their money, and that the HI Point already had a reputation, they did not have to advertise it. I just think that he may have had a point. The documentary I was referring to had the banger/dealer holding a HI Point and calling it his a Glock 40 problem solver.

    Don't think the thought would be any different if it were a Glock.

    Again, I at first liked it, then soured on the idea when the SIL made his comment. Guess I just do not like what could be construed as negative publicity.
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  5. greg_r

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    I agree with this too.
  6. IDMTfirefighter

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    Hi-Points don't need anymore of a gang banger reputation than they already have.
  7. greg_r

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    This is the point I was trying to make. For a while I have heard HI Points were gangster guns", just like Glocks are "cop guns"

    Just a stigma we don't need and certainly don't need to encourage.