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    Took the 4095 to the range today. I shot at 100 yards shooting some Federal Eagle 180 gr. and Winchester 165 gr. I was shooting at two steel targets one was a small silhoutte, the other was a smaller square. I also tried my luck with a couple of bowling pins. I started off shooting from a support using reflex red dot. It seemed I had better accuracy with the Winchester 165 gr. First shot at bowling pin was ahit but second pin took me three shots.
    Then I removed the red dot and used the irons sights. I was more accurate hitting the steel targets whether from a support or free standing. The bowling pins I was not so accurate it took somewhere between 10 and fifteen rounds to get them both down. Overall I was very pleased with the accuracy at 100 yards.
    Prior to shooting the 4095, I put about 35 rounds through the Mossberg 500. I used mostly some old Champion target loads with some 00 buck shot and some slugs mixed in.
    I had co worker ask about the 4095, so I asked if he wanted to shoot a few rounds. First he said no because he want to buy. I asked how much he thought it cost. Hold he thought it cost about 800 to 900 dollars. I just had :rofl::rofl:
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    Thats Cool!

    I love the carbines. I prefer to shoot at the 15 to 50 yrd range. At 100 yrds obviously accuracy suffers.

    I also have found that I prefer the iron sights. I think optics are hard to hold on zero due to the rails having flex.

    It would probably be money well spent to invest in aluminum rails from Long Shot Mfg.

    Fun fun fun

  3. 50 yards open sights and 75 for me on red dot sights co witnessed, seems to work well
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    Ran a course of sixty rounds using Q target with couple of guys shooting ARs. Shot 58 out of 60. Other 2 rounds on paper butnjust outside the lines. Started at 100 yards and went to 7 yards.
    Funny to listen to the sound of the ARs then the 95. I have shot the ARs but love to shoot my 4095. Then shot some steel at 100 yards and was hitting close to 90 percent of my shots. Up to about 400'rounds and had one FTF and believe it was a bad round. So far it eats everything I feed it.