1000 9mm $199.95

Discussion in 'In Stock Ammo Deals' started by SteveC, Jul 17, 2014.

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    Looks like prices are dropping. Now may be the time to stock up :)

  3. SWAGA

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    No don't stock up you hoarders!
    That was the cause of the whole ammo 'shortage' to begin with.
  4. Back2School

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    well my neighbor thought I was a crazy hoarder because I ordered 500 rounds of 2 differing calibers. Was actually scared I would buy that much. When I told him I usually shoot 100-150 each week he just shook his head.

    My daughter shoots at least 100 .22 every other week from my "stash"
  5. bws

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    I try to shoot at least a hundred every couple weeks, of every caliber, just to retain the muscle memory. Besides, I need to practice.
  6. Just ordered 200 of Igman 5.56 and 250 of new 9 mm from Freedom just to 'top off' my cans.
  7. Liberty

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    This post was liked by 2 people. I have a good idea which two.

    The mentality of this post is exactly the liberal stance. If we aren't stocked up, then we have no ability to defend ourselves!

    Kids - this is EXACTLY the mentality that led to government overreach in Nazi Germany - which led to the extermination and wholesale slaughter of millions of people in the Holocaust. Seriously.

    Stock up.
  8. Dagwood

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    I can't seem to stock up anyway. I shoot it almost as fast as I can get my hands on it. I would like to keep a several hundred rd buffer of each caliber that I need, but that just isn't possible. I think about getting into reloading but then I would always be on the hunt for powder. In the long run, reloading just seems more expensive than just buying nib. Imho
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    I thought it was because DHS needed it to "protect" us.
  10. MachoMelvin

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    The growing internet consensus is 1000 rounds per gun?
    I'm not there yet, BUT, I'm peddling as FAST as I can!

  11. When I get below 1000 rds. of 5.56 or 9 MM I get..........'irritable'.:mad:
  12. MachoMelvin

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    The KEY word was "per" gun?
    I feel your "irritable" bowl syndrome!
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    Well I was one of the guys who liked it because I thought it was funny - I know he might have been serious but I thought it was funny.

    And I was the one he responded to because I was telling everyone to stock up :)

    Edit- ANd I thought I was bad with going with 500 per caliber (except .22 and 7.62x54r(which is prob banned too) )