$1000! What would you buy?

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  1. AndrewST

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    Ok. So as from a previous post I am purchasing an F&N Five Seven. The firearm itself isn't $1000, but by the time I purchase the firearm, pay the state fee, and hook up on some ammo I am gonna be sitting around $1,000 out the door.

    So! I have been thinking..a lot of firearms out there for $1,000. I am still open, although 99% sure on the Five Seven.

    Now the question!!!

    If you had $1,000 to spend on a new fire arm, or a combination of firearms. What would you purchase?

    Pictures welcome! Lets see what ya got!
  2. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    An XD and a AK variant or a budget AR and used XD

  3. First, you've made me curious; what is a 'state fee' and how much is it?

    OK, to answer. The last time I spent $1000 I got 3 pistols, one rifle, and a complete lower for an AR (some extra mags and ammo included)

    Now, today, I'd like to get an AR built just the way I want it. It would probably cost right at that $1000 mark for the parts I want, and I'd do the assembly and finish myself. But, I've overspent recently, and the only way I can do that is to sell some stuff.

    BTW, I have fired a friends 5.7 pistol and I thought it was a gas, I just don't want one bad enough to be willing to pay what they cost. :wink:
  4. urotu

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    I don't know, right now I'm on an AR kick. But if I had money in hand and was at the store, who knows. I'd really like an AK underfolder also, and I could probably do that and an inexpensive 1911.

    On the other hand, I'd like a nice Sig 220, or maybe a Glock 17...

    I'd probably do up an AR15 of some kind. You could build a nice one for $1000.
  5. AndrewST

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    State background check fee/registration. It is only $10 per firearm.
  6. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    1000$ aroudn here would get me a nice colt delta elite 10mm.

  7. I'd probably get yet another AK, another 9mm handgun and ammo for both.
  8. laubert75

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    a nice scope and tac rails for my sks tapco stock, and the other 900 on 7.62 ammo
  9. A Desert Eagle in 50AE if I had the majority of guns that I also wanted.
  10. A down payment on another 1911
  11. Huggy

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    I'd probably try to find a used M1A SOCOM, or a cheap AR15 and some ammo,or a mini30 and ammo,or a couple assorted SAIGAs and a new gun cabinet,or an FAL and some twinkies, or $900 worth of assorted ammo, a stack of lottery tickets, some gas, and a few beers :D
  12. I'd have to say I'd go with some good ole milsurps, K31 Swiss for sure and then whatever else I could find while staying in the budget.... Of course, if I found a nice AR 15 in .223 or .308 I don't think I'd be able to pass it up....
  13. griff30

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  14. I would buy an M-14 rifle in .308 caliber
  15. Kelotravolski

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  16. 1motion

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    HK45!!!! HK45!!!! its about 1g and ive got that "have to have it" bug so maybe the time summer rolls around you guys will be reading my review.

    but on the mulitple gun theory i would go for a ruger mini 30 and a glock 21sf
  17. Jarhead1775

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    If I could find one at that price definately. Cheapest I have come across is $1300.00
  18. What a dilemma! My current orientation is toward milsurp and less expensive stuff; I haven't gotten the AR, 1911, Desert Eagle fever yet. So:

    First, I have too many unfinished projects (4) including two AKs for which I have yet to buy the compliance parts. An estimate for parts, supplies, etc.: $300.

    Next, I don't yet have a Mosin, so an M44 and an M91/30 wth FFl fees is another, say, $200.

    And, and as Primal says, a K31 would be nice -- another $200.

    So, we're at $700, and we have to see if the 4595 shows up at the Shot Show, as suggested. If so, we have a total approaching $1k, depnding on MSRP; if not, we're still at $700.

    In either case the ballance goes to ammo. And, if the 4595 _doesn't_ show, I wouldn't be _too_ disappointed; $300 wouldn't go too far in feeding the whole new AK/Mosin/K31 menagerie. :D
  19. AndrewST

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    Some good ideas on here so far! It got me thinking, so I did some research.

    I could use a new hunting rifle and a shotgun, so I looked around. For the cost of the Five Seven I COULD get a new Mossberg 935 series Shotgun and a new Savage 110 series /w a scope..and some ammo!

    But man the Five Seven is such an awesome firearm...although it is expensive to shoot..and I wouldn't use it AS much as a new shotgun and rifle...

    I could almost flip a quarter on it at this point and be happy either way!
  20. hpman

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    You could always get the HP utility pack.....
    .45, .40, c9, .380, 995, 4095 and still have some extra $ for ammo.