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    Got dies and bullets today. I'll work up 3 loads as starters.

    Berry's 180 FN plated plinkers.

    Bullseye: Everything needs a Bullseye load. I found one that can do a little thumping to. 5.8 to 6.4 grains. That feels like a lot of Bullseye. I'm pretty sure my 45 and 44 plinkers are in the mid 4s. This one will be fun. 1150fps 35,000psi

    Power Pistol: The more I look the more I find lots of guys like Power Pistol, particularly in 10mm. 7.8 to 8.7 seems a little light, but makes 35,500psi and 1250fps.

    Blue Dot: I have some left I need to use, and guys like it in 10mm. 9.4 to 10.4 seems bout right. I haven't loaded it in years now. As I recall it makes for snappy recoil, lots of smoke, and belches fire. 35,000psi and bout 1235fps.

    All came from handloaders.com

    One will work good somewhere in that range, and at the top all out perform everything Cabelas had today or the last time I was there.
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  2. Going to make 10mm Carbine loads too? :)

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    No. No gun.:(
  4. Aw. Planning on it right? If the 1095TS actually comes out? ;)
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    Oh yes, but I'll wait for the prices and supply to stabilize. And frankly if someone makes a better gun for a competitive price I'll buy the better gun. But I doubt that happens.
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    NE Utah
    My PP 180 XTP loads are 8.3 and supposed to do over 1300 fps. Haven't even shot them yet, much less choronoed them. If it goes well, I've read that 9.6 grains will get to 1400 fps, so I'll be working up to that, if I can find or calculate some pressure info.

    Also read good things about 135 grain bullets getting close to 1900 fps. That could be interesting.
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    Peace favor your sword,
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    I'm-a gonna stop at 8.7. I don't know how the load data was obtained but 35,000psi range seems enough for my Glock. I don't know squat about that unsupported barrel, and will go slow. The FNP 45 is also unsupported and if that gun has any issues from my searches that is it. But it shoots my PP plus p load fine. That is a hot load with super being the next but not done step.

    A 135gr laser is next after this bear load.
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    How I segregate. 10 loads 3 powders.

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    I must be spoilt. I know there is more to go, but...pretty mild shooting gun.

    The Bullseye was crap. Not sure where some of them went. All functioned well, so a plinker will come from it.

    I've never said this before. Blue Dot worked pretty good in this gun. Even at the top it was nice. Blue Dot has done strange things near the top of all my loads. 357 gets so snappy in just a few tenths of grains I won't use it. But guts like Blue Dot in 10mm and I may have found why. Shot great.

    Power Pistol just keeps on delivering for me. It produced the biggest thump. I suppose that's what A-Scared the FBI. They wouldn't have liked 357 hot loads either. I'll log the hot load for Blue Dot and PP, and make the weak Bullseye the plinker load.

    Not sure what all the fuss is about. Still won't breath fire, and doubt any of these can blow down a concrete wall. But Mr. Black Bear ain't likely to like a few between the eyes.
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