115gr...124gr...147 gr 9mm ammo What's the diff?

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  1. deert

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    I'm new to handgunnin' so bear with me. I see different ammo for 9mm luger all the time. I currently shoot the 115 because it seems to be the most common and the cheapest. I saw some 124FMJ's on sale and couldn't take the plunge because I just don't know enough about the differences. SO what is the difference? Are there major performance differences? Just curious...thanks in advance
  2. 45Man

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    115, 124, 147gr are the bullet weights in grains.
    1.0 ounce = 28.35 grams = 437.5 grains

    Lighter bullet is, generally, greater velocity and less recoil.

    BTW, FMJ = Full Metal Jacket; HP = Hollow Point

  3. Deltaboy

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    I like heavier bullets from a kentic standpoint. MxA=P
  4. deert

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    After rereading my post I should have clarified a little better(sorry about that).
    I understand the weight in grains and the kinetics but was more curious of how the different weighted bullets performed in the C9.
    Do you get more or less or no difference in gun function with different grained bullets(i.e. FTF, FTE, magazine problems, etc.)? Thanks for the replies.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I use whinchester 147 gr silvertips as my duty ammo [Armed Security]. I have fired different rounds and they all fired for me.
  6. andrew241

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    I am carrying 124 gr federal hst's in my carry pistol and they work well. One of my buddy's has them in his c9 and they are accurate and reliable.

    Guns are like people in the fact that they have personalities and opinions. Some guns will only do well with certains type of ammo and others are very picky. Try out different loads and see what works best.
  7. 45Man

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    Function is shape of bullet, not weight of bullet. FMJ's tend to feed better.
    FMJ = Full Metal Jacket; HP = Hollow Point