12 gauge ammo question

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  1. Queston for the shotgun reloaders.

    I have a saiga 12 shotgun, and one drawback as far as HD is that if you leave a mag in the shotgun it will deform the top plastic shell because of pressure, and after a while it will not chamber.

    I keep 3 inch 00 buck in the mags.

    Now for the question.

    I have found a source that sells 2.5 inch (actually a 2 3/4) metal 12 gauge shells which will not deform, but they are 7 1/2 birdshot, which will not cycle the shotgun on the heavy load gas setting that I have to put it on in order to shoot the heavy rounds.

    Woud it be possible for me to empty the shell and leave the primer, and take a 2 3/4 00 buck plastic shell (which will cycle the shotgun on the heavy setting) and put the powder, shot and wads out of it into the metal shell and seal it up?

    I hope this post is vauge enough that it will be permissible, but if you feel that it isnt, please PM me if you feel thats the right thing to do.

  2. There are several sources for metal cased buck and slugs in 12ga. Will see if I can locate the links and will post em here.

    I would be more inclined to dismantle the shot loads and using published load data reload them with new powder, shot cup and buck. Transferring the contents of one shell to another is not something I would be interested in doing, but I do know people do similar stuff with old mil-surp rounds in an effort to get rid of corrosive primers or bad powder.

  3. Rimfirehunter if you can find them, I will sacrifice my firstborn to you and call you king of the gun gods :)
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  5. Yeah I would just find a source. Its not easy to pull wads generally without damaging them.
  6. I have absolutely no experience of any kind in reloading, I would like to take the steel shells I found (stronger and have a slightly tapered end to help with feeding) and remove the contents and put in the contents of 2 3/4 00 buck shells.

    Would I need any special equipment, or just simply empty the case and then put in the powder from the 2 3/4 00 buck shell, place the new wad in, put in the buckshot and then place a paper wad (?) in to cap it off?

    Thanks for any suggestions guys
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  8. Unless rimfirehunter can find a link, I have looked for hours literally and have had no luck in finding anything besides the birdshot in the steel shells.

    I only want to do 10 shells, are there any shotgun reloaders here that would be willing to take the steel shells, empty them and reload them to 00 buck standards if I provided the shells and payed for time and trouble?

    I cant see buying the reloading equipment and learning how to do it for 10 shells. I do not plan to ever reload shotgun shells.

    If interested, PM me and we will talk

    Many thanks!
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  10. To bad thier sold out.
  11. That is exactly what I am looking for How did you find that? I searched sportsmansguide and the search didnt pull it up. Nice find!
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    it was on the saiga shotgun forum
  13. Thanks for looking, the problem is that no one seems to see any for sale now days, I dont know if barnaul quit making them or what

    A forum member has offered to hand load me some, but of course it would be cheaper for me if I could just find the darn things somewhere for sale.