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  1. Just got myself a late christmas present, a 12 ga. Pardner shotgun
    It was between this one and the mossberg model 88, which i felt like it was gonna break in my hands with all the cheap loose plastic. This one feels a lot like the remington 870, which from what i hear it was a joint effort between the two companies to make a budget friendly version. Paid about $180 after tax hopefully ill get it to the range soon.

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    Plan on picking one of those up myself sooner or later. Once the wife agreed to have a gun in the house for defense, that was the first one I became interested in.

  3. I talked to someone with their customer service about aftermarket stocks and stuff, they pretty much confirmed that the Pardner is the remington 870 specs, just with imported parts, and from what ive been told remington either owns them or they're under contract, if you order replacement parts they usually say remington on them. Its all steel and synthetic polymer, not cheap loose plastic like the mossberg maverick. To me it was a great buy, i should be out at the range with it tomorrow.
  4. oh yea theres also a 2 round limiter in the mag for places with waterfowl hunting restrictions, takes about a minute to remove.
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  6. I can't speak to the Chinese Pardner's every spec but a good friend of mine has one and sometimes Remington 870 stuff fits his and sometimes not. Barrels are a definite non fit. I have a Mossy I've had for years and never had any issues at all. There is a thread in the general firearms board here from a chap who has had a gunsmith tell him his new in box Pardner has already been repaired. Let's hope you have better luck. I think these usually work ok.
  7. In November of 2000, the Marlin Firearms Company purchased the assets of H&R 1871, Inc. Marketing its products under the brand names of Harrington & Richardson® and New England Firearms®, H&R 1871, LLC is currently the largest manufacturer of single shot shotguns and rifles in the world.

    Marlin, including all its H&R assets, was later acquired by Remington Arms Company in December, 2007. H&R 1871, LLC production was moved to Ilion, N.Y. (the site of Remington's original manufacturing plant) in late 2008, while their corporate offices are co-located with Remington Arms in Madison, N.C. Remington, along with its Marlin and H&R subsidiaries, are now part of the freedom group.

    It produced the U.S. M1 Garand rifle, was the largest single manufacturer of the M-14, and one of the major producers of the M-16, and is one of only four manufacturers (along with Colt, Fabrique National, & GM Hydramatic Division) to have ever made an official M16 variant for the U.S. Military. Due to their relative scarcity, all H&R military weapons are considered collectable.

    Yes the parts are chinese, and the mossberg 88 is mexican, thats how they keep costs down.

    Took mine to the range and cycled thru 50 rounds flawlessly, its been stripped twice now nothing but solid steel and polymer all parts look great. everyone gets a lemon every once in a while no matter what the company, but to me it sounds like that guy broke a perfectly good gun and voided the warranty in the proccess.
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  8. The Pardner was introduced well before Remington acquired Marlin , it was meant to compete with guns like the Maverick and 870 Express. My point wasn't to suggest the Pardner isn't a good gun( I think they are) but that while a very close copy of the 870 it isn't a complete clone. Many parts will fit, some ( like barrels) will not.
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    Enjoy it. I've just bought a 870 as my house scatter gun.
    Haven't shot it yet, waiting to get a 18.5 inch barrel with rifle sights instead of the 28 inch that it's got now.$200 out the door at a local pawnshop.
    Had the choice between a new Maverick 88 and a lightly used 870.
    870 felt tighter and sturdier after handling both.
  10. good choice id a gone with the 870 also 100% american, let me know how it works for you. The mossberg 500's are real nice but they cheaped out on the 88.
  11. yea i noticed that also, im probably never gonna modify it id probably put more into mods than i paid for it lmao
  12. I was recently considering buying a Pardner pump myself and was looking at the company's website. Considering how popular this model has become you'd think they'd offer more in the way of extra barrels and so forth. If they did I have to think they'd sell even more. I do like that they put sling studs on the guns, the ones I've seen even had the stud already mounted in the mag cap. Nice touch, sometimes these get lost if left in the box for owner to install.
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    I saw thoes in china-mart today, hell of a deal for the price, should be just fine
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    I cannot hold my tounge on this one.
    Buy American NOW, or you won't be for very much longer.
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    They put it well here-
    I know I probably won't make too many friends spouting about like so, but I reckon that popularity contests were never really my thing anyhow. I mean not to attack any poster here, this is a long-term ailment that has been affecting our whole nation sadly. We have lost so much of our self-determination ...
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    I hear lots of people telling me that, while they are wearing a Glock on their waist.

    I prefer U.S. made stuff but its getting harder to find...even my browning (to my heartbreak) was made in China, and its not one of their entry-level rifles.

    If you were refering to the china-mart statement, go in there and find stuff thats U.S. made, the made-in-USA policy unfortunatally died with Sam Walton but I honestly cant afford to shop anywhere else.
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    I do every once in again go to the Wally worlds here, not much anymore, I try not to (believe it or not you can still find American made things there, and not just foods! It's a challenge though, but not impossible if you are stubborn).. anyhow, near me the Walmarts truly are zoos, and are best only if you are on Safari. However, I meant mainly to just rant about purchasing arms, and in so making those purchases domestic ones whenever possible ... but of course, tis your choice, and as free as we are now, I am appreciative that we HAVE the choice, I just wish folks chose along the lines in which my beliefs and biases lie:D!
    I apologize for ranting before there, I edited most out, but I can't be sorry for the core belief that is there. We can't keep supporting regimes which wish to do us in for too much longer without feeling the fallout at some point or another I fear ... I further fear that I have already done much too much damage myself as an individual over my lifetime already, and buying just as American as I CAN at this point might be a little late to stem the tide, as they say, but I have to try ...
    All this said, I have read and heard indeed that the quality of these guns are just fine, so I do sincerely hope that they serve you well and if the time should come, perish the thought, they can even protect and defend you and your loved ones. I have no doubt they could do it well, the Chinese are not new to effective firearms craftsmanship, that is for certain. I just cannot and will not buy any myself, and I urge others not to. And if anyone has already bought some, it should be like planting a tree in a clear-cut forest, they now have to go buy an American rifle to offset it, no if's and's or but's, ante up!:p
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