120 Year Old Woman WOW!!!

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    WOW! Has anyone else seen this story? They're trying to confirm it, but the claim is that this woman is 120 years old!!! She claims to have been born in 1888. She has papers and so forth, and right now they're trying to confirm it. Man that's just awesome for a person to live that long.

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  3. Doesnt surprise me, there are a lot of people over 100 yrs old in the US. They worked hard and ate healthy back then.

    Now when it gets to us people that live on McDonalds and junk foods time to get old, I can see the average age dropping because of bad lifestyle choices.
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    Damn.... think about it. When she was a teenager:

    -There were still militant groups supporting the Civil War
    -The first car was JUST made by Mercedes for mass market
    -Photographs had just moved beyond the "Tin Type" for the first time only a few years before
    -Arizona wasn't even a state
    -it took nearly a week to transport any media from New York to San Fransisco

    And, she commonly sees:
    -The GREAT grandchildren of those same militant groups re-enacting battles
    -Cars that park themselves and function by voice activation
    -Digital cameras that can accurately reproduce the paintings in the New York Metropolitan museum to the nanometer
    -The caplital of Arizona is bigger than all the cities on the East cost of the 19th century COMBINED
    -You can send enough data to rebuild the San Fransisco Bridge in less than 10 seconds from Tokyo to San Fransisco down to each bolt.

    Truly amazing.
  5. Indeed. I bet she has some incredible persepctive on life to be sure.
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    yeah the thought of that's pretty neat...but being as she's an israeli arab I doubt our civil war ever really crossed her mind, but can you imagine what she's seen happen in her part of the world in those 120 years?!?
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    She would have also been 32 years old before she could legally vote! WOW :shock:
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    well in the US anyway. like the article says she's an israeli arab.
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    Well...You get what I mean!
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    yeah I was just givin youa hard time lol
  11. It is neat to talk to older people, I have an aunt that was born in 1918.

    I do not think there was an airplane in the world at that time that could go over 150mph.

    Now there are space shuttles that can go 18,000 miles an hour.

    The last century has seen a lot of change, that is for sure.
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    thats cool.... I bet shes got some stories.
  13. She sure does, and I sit at her house for hours listening to them. She grew up in the great depression, and is a very frugal lady to this day.

    We can learn a lot from these people if we only take the time to sit down and listen to them.

    Her first husband was born in the 1880's, I remember him as a kid in the mid to later 1960's as a very fun old man that would get out and go down the slide with me.

    He had all sorts of interesting stories about people that he had met that had been in the Civil War. I was a history bug at an early age (geek I suppose)

    He was Irish and loved his drink though LOL

    He had one of the first cars in Muskogee Oklahoma, and also had one of the first wrecks LOL
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    That lady drinks a cup of olive oil a day, man i should start doing that...