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    My stepson's 14th Bday was today so I took him to the Indoor pistol range in Paris Ky. We had a blast. This was the first time anyone took him shooting live firearms. He and I always have practiced with soft air guns in the wood out back and have done our fair share of war games out there.

    He took to the real deal like a duck in water. Only had two instances I had to remind him to keep his finger off that trigger until he was ready to shoot, but that was it. He kept the barrel up and down range at all times, didnt figgit with his glasses or ear muffs, kept a great shooting stance through out the mag and even did some great rapid mag changes ( tear in my eye ) I'm really proud of him.

    I think this was a great bonding experience for he and I at the same time as being alot of fun. Just really ticked that I forgot the camera !!!! I'm still kicking myself... feel free to unleash the tounge lashings :lol:

    We fire the Bersa 380, Berreta 92, HP 995 and the HP 4095. Oh before I forget, I also purchased 2 Promag 9mm 15 rd mags for the 995 and followed the dirrections in the posts here... not one problem out of either of them, Thanks to all that contributed. I also had both the old and new 20 rd mags for the 4095 and both fired without a hitch all day. The only mishap we had was with the Bersa ( failed to extract, cheap ammo ).
  2. Sounds like you had a great time, it is a good feeling to know that you may be helping to keep the sport of shooting alive through your stepson.


  3. I really feel bad for you............ in no time, he's gonna be shooting your doors off! These times are the best, not enough MEN take great / valuable time with sons these days, so good on you! And thanks from all of us for teaching him what it's all about.
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    That what fatherhood is about. Dont chide him too much I see grown adults walk around with finger on trigger. (CRINGE!)
    I took my son 3.5 years old to a gun show today and he did great, constantly dad! dad! he got your gun! Noting similarity between mine and others (though he pointed to an HK I could not afford and lusted for)
    Like you I'm trying to encourage shooting sports, though he's not old enough to shoot yet, hes still a sportsman, (OUT FISHES ME!)
  5. So when you gonna buy him his first Hi-Point? ;)
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    Funny you should ask NRAJOE, he perferred shooting the 995 over the 4095 and after seeing that the 995 has a stock conversion he's been asking more and more about it :) He may get his own or just inheiret mine.
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    sounds like fun, i agree a hi-point would be a good first gun with the warranty since he likes the 995 anyway.

    course i might say get him a .22 first.. much cheaper to shoot..
    it's nice to shoot the centerfirs but once you get a little practice out of the way it's time to pull out the .22's

    i usualy fire 2-3 boxes from my taurus 92
    then i break out a .22 to play with, even 9mm gets expensive after a while.
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    Yup, I agree. When my son and I go out with our 10/22's, we easily shoot a brick of ammo, usually more. We'd go broke shooting 9mm (even at Wally World prices).
    Brick of Fed 22 (500/box) - $10
    WWB 9mm (100/box) - $17 x 5 = a bunch :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    He was looking one of those break open one shot 410's at the gun store as I was getting ready to go, they also had a .22 there in the same modle. Any ideas if this would be worth the $189.00 they were asking ? Or just get the 10/22 ?
  10. Just my opinion, but for that kind of money you could just about get a new Mossberg 500 shotty.

    Unless someone else comes up with a good reason as to why a single shot break open .410 would be worth that much, I would pass and go for the 10/22.

    You can never go wrong with a 10/22 in my book.
  11. A new 10/22 at WalMart is under $200

    For that price you can't go wrong. Both of mine are over 25 years old, they are bone stock with no aftermarket parts, and I've never had a problem with them. I can't even guess how many rounds have been put through them.

    For a single-shot break open, I'd watch around for a used one (cheap) because they aren't easy to sell if you should so choose.
  12. Joe Sixpack

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    ewww. it's just me personally but i hate single shots.
  13. single shot .410 would be an OK SHTF weapon for putting rabbits and squirrel on the table but thats about it as far as I am concerned.