147gr Winchester White Box in C9's

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  1. Anyone here shoot the WWB 147gr JHP' in your C9?

    I took the C9 out today, along with the Taurus PT111 M-Pro, and between the two I shot up a 50rd box of the 147gr ammo, and some WWB 115gr FMJ's. Three things I noticed about this ammo in my C9...

    First... It was super accurate!!! Just from the short session I had today this ammo looks to be the most accurate I have used in my C9 so far. Accuracy in the Taurus was also great but the C9 outshot the Taurus for sure.

    Second... When compared to the 115gr FMJ's the recoil of the 147's was less snappy allowing for faster, and more accurate, follow up shots.

    Third... The WWB 147gr ammo functioned flawlessly in the C9 and the Taurus. Had zero issues other than not having enough ammo...LOL.

    Now for the bad... Cost just under $15 per 50rd box, at Wal Mart, so I wont be using lots of it for range plinking.

  2. My very limited experience is that the WWB 147 flows like water, and that recoil is almost unnoticeable. It goes where you point it.

    YMMV, but I love it.

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    I shot 30 of the 147's at the range last week. You're right, less recoil and more accurate.
  4. Are those a +P round to make up for the extra weight of the slug, or do you loose velocity by having the heavier projectile?
  5. The WWB 147gr JHP's are standard velocity as far as I can tell, the box does not state +p. Also, best of my knowledge the 147gr loads are sub-sonic, so this is probably why they have less recoil than the 115/124 gr loads.

    If someone have more info concerning the 147gr WWB loads please post.

  6. The wwb 9mm 147 gr. personal protection round is loaded down for less recoil. I don't know what the velocity out the barrel is. They cycle flawlessly in my C9 but I have been wondering if at the moment of truth, is it enough? I have been using this round for the range i/o fmj. because it is my PD round
  7. That was what I was wondering. If they are a heaver round with no extra powder, that should mean that they have less velocity. That would make me wonder if they would penetrate as well if ever needed.
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    From what I remember tests on the Winchester 147gr Personal Protection H/P's sucked and the bullets did not expand and exited the test blocks. The 115gr version expanded but shedded its jacket.
  9. I think some changes in my PD loads need to happen asap. I will head to the local gunshop and get something better for the 9mm. might as well upgrade the 45 ammo also with winchester rangers. Currently using silvertips. More $$$ but cant put a price on the safety of my family. Thanks Glockman
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    Now the Winchester Ranger 9mm 147gr H/P's are OUTSTANDING if you can secure a few boxes of them, the .45acp version is also excellent.
  11. I have yet to find 9mm Winchester Ranger ammo locally, but a few shops do sell the Winchester Personal Protection (white box) in 115, 124 and 147gr.

    As far as the WWB 147gr ammo at Wal Mart, I think it would be good range ammo if you carry the 147gr PP or Rangers for a self defense load. I will probably toss a few boxes of Ranger ammo in on my next online order and see how it runs in my C9 and Taurus, otherwise I wont be getting any for a while unless one of the local shops decide to start carrying it.

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    Damn. I use the 147 Grain WWB all the time in my Hi-Point. Didn't know that it was considered a substandard defence round.

    Been meaning to look into a more effective but .... how should I say.... not-so-militant round to use for personal defence. There's a difference in shooting someone with a bullet and then shooting someone with one of those "Black Talons" and then a cop wondering why you had such a round in a gun just for defence.

    That's just me.
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    Retail Standard Factory Ammo (No Matter What Manufacture) has never been challenged in a court of law after a fatal shooting. Its just too easy to show that Police use the same factory loads and it is the accepted Norm.
  14. Just bought a C9 yesterday and quickly went through a 100rd box of WWB's. Couldn't be happier. well i could be happier but i doubt i will be able to find a box of 550rds for $12 like my .22lr. ha