15 rd. mag for the c9?

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  1. This is probably the ProMag 15-rounder that doesn't work well.

    There was some talk on the old forum, just before the switchover, about another manufacturer contemplating the possibility of introducing a similar mag that might, indeed, work. Does anyone remember who this company is? Has there been any further news in this regard?

  2. It sure looks like the ProMag. I had two of them and nether worked. My advice is stay away, very far away.
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  4. I think it was tapco. I wish they would make one that worked.
  5. Why don't these things ever work? Too much tension on the spring, or two little? Anyone felt adventuresome enough to find a way to make it work?
  6. That sounds like the right name: please, please, please come through for us!
  7. I've been thinking about ordering one and messing around with it and finding a way to make it work.. i dont really see how it could be that difficult, it'd probably just take some time to figure out what the problem was. IF i ever get around to buying one, I will figure out how to make it work, and i'll post what i did. But knowing me, that could be a ways down the road.
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    I'm interested in doing the same, its just not that much fun with 10 round clips.
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    That was from me, I inquired with Bill from Tapco on Survivors SKS board, they have a forum dedicated to Tapco, here is Bill's response to my question will Tapco consider a high capacity magazine for the Hi Point 995 and the related thread:

    Quote from Bill at Tapco

    Thanks for the praise, we appreciate it!

    I've done some research on the HP995 and we are discussing the possibility. We did review it this am and are looking further."


    Thing is YOU folks have to show Tapco there is enough demand to justify its manufacture so I suggest shooting them an email showing how much you want this product!

    Here is a link to contact Tapco.
  10. Done:

    Anybody else?

    (Interestingly, I didn't realize until I saw their web site that they're about eight miles from my house! Maybe I should go grovel on their doorstep.)
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    i bought 2 ProMags both junk. Wouldnt feed more than 2rnds.

    If anyone has the 15rnd could post some side by sides of the mag follower and feed lips vs the Hipoint mags. I tinkered w/ the feed lips when i had it but never compared the follower, i dont feel like buying a new one just to see though.
  12. Why stop at 15 round mags. Why not make a 20 or 30 round mag?
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    IMHO, I think 20 rounds is ideal, 30 would be difficult if not impossible in a single stack straight mag and would look like a walking stick, because it would be so long, but I think we would all settle for 15 that worked flawlessly.
  14. Single stack hi-cap handgun mags have never been very reliable in any handgun since they started making mag feed semi auto's. This is why you rarely see a single stack mag that has a capacity larger than 10-12 rounds. ProMag tried to produce 15rd mags for the 995 but their quality is iffy at best on a product that's already hard to get right in the first place.

    I think a good 15rd mag could be produced if they started with better quality sheet metal for the mag body, follower and higher quality springs. A mag like this would not be inexpensive, probably cost twice as much as the ones we have now, but the chances of it working properly would be a little better due to higher quality materials being used. I really think a redesigned mag follower would be the place to start when it comes to improving mags for the HiPoint firearms. I would like to see a pressed type follower, or perhaps a molded one, similar to those used in Bersa single stack mags, instead of the little stamped follower that you see now.

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    I don't know if this would work, but has anyone tried swapping the follower out of a Hi-Point magazine and into a ProMag? You would probably also have to reshape the feed lips. Just a thought.

  16. Last year I bought two ProMag's for the wife's Bersa Thurnder 380, got em for $18 each at a gun show. Factory Bersa mags sell for $32-$36 locally so this seemed like a good deal.

    I took the mags to the range and had a terrible time with them in a gun that had been 100% reliable. I did take a good look at the ProMags and found that the followers were slightly different and the springs didnt appear to have the same quality as the factory springs did. The Bersa Thunder is the wife's CCW, not a range plinker, so I tossed the ProMag's in the trash and bought her two factory Bersa mags.

  17. I received a reply from Bill, and the extended mag is still under discussion. Keep those cards and letters coming, boys and girls!
  18. Thats exactly what I have in mind. Doing that would probably be the best bet to try to get it to feed reliably. So, Mike, if you do do this let us know how it works. If i do it i'll let you all know. But that is the best idea that i'd think would work.

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    Here's an interesting theory:

    What if...and this is JUST an if....during the next revision of the x95 series of carbines, they went with the same weapon but redesign the poly stock and grip to accept a form of double-stack magazine. I'm sure that Hi-point could be able to find a 3rd party group to either license or modify the existing mag.

    Just a theory.