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Took the 995 to the range two weeks ago, partly to shoot it a bit to see how it fired after getting it back from the factory, and partly to test out the mods I made to my 15-rounder in an attempt to get it to work. And I'm going to clear out some other HP related pictures on my camera.

First us, the mods to the 15 rounder. I followed the pictures posted previously about getting the 15 rounder to work. I want to extend my thanks to that poster, but I forgot who it was. Whoever it is, thank you very much.



When I load it into the carbine, however, the weight of the mag is pulling it down and out of alignment, giving me feeding problems. The only solution I had was to use the mag as a support up against the table.

The gap


Not close

Anybody encounter the same issue? Any solutions?

Just clearing out the camera:

The 995

I normally have this scope, but I like the iron sights too

The iron sights work well. From 50 yards

And from 25 yards

I bought a ten rounds mag off of ebay a few years ago, a Pro-Mag. It also wouldn't work without mods

And finally, I saw that a few people were talking about flashlights, here's the one I have

And here's the old mag release that broke and the new one they put in. As you can see, the old one was plastic, while the new one is metal

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