16" AR-15 w/ red dot - Surprising accuracy!

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    So, I went out to the range recently with my franken-AR (DPMS lower with a PSA 16" lightweight uper). I had brought along some 69gr SMK handloads I had been meaning to test out, along with the honking huge 4-16X Vortex scope, with the intention of putting it on the AR and testing the accuracy of my loads.

    Well, the bad news was that the rail spacing for the 2-piece Ruger American wasn't really the same as the one-piece AR-15 flattop rail, so the scope didn't fit. I had already brought out my chrono and set it all up, though, so instead of moving the scope rings around and wrecking the zero on the .308, I just decided to shoot the whole thing with the optic already on my AR, which was a super-cheap BSA red dot with Magpul BUIS co-witnessed.

    I was actually really surprised at the accuracy I was able to wring out of it - At 100 yards, 4 of the shots were touching, and all were within a 4" circle!

    I'm sure if I had been on the ball with my trigger control, all the rest of my shots would have been in that same group as the 4 touching ones. I had been getting some lackluster results with scopes with high magnification and supposedly excellent handloads with great standard deviation velocity readings, and now I know why - I had a subtle flinch that I wasn't really recognizing for what it was. Trying to shoot this kind of a group unmagnified helped me to get reacquainted with my old friends trigger discipline and breath control.

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    Good shooting B!....

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    I noticed exactly the same thing with my son. When using his rifle with a "light" magnification scope, he is deadly accurate, yet when using my rifle, exact same make/model with a much higher magnification scope, his groups nearly double (or more) in size. Go back to his and the groups tighten up.
    Im going to have to watch him actually closer next time we go out and see what his body does different when using the two different scopes.
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    Yeah, I think a lot of us fall into that, unconsciously. I tend to shoot better with a red dot or 1x setting on my 1-6x. I just pay more attention.

    But at 100 yards or more and my older eyes, that magnification sure helps. Just slow down a remember your breathing, the rest will fall into place.

    Nice shooting though Branth!
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    I've noticed that I shoot as well with my 1-6X most of the time as I would with a higher magnification scope.