16 Year Old Shoots Cop After Taser Fails

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    Yup, LEO's can't defend themselves against black males without an uproar. What a deal. If they don't want to be treated like animals, they have to stop behaving like animals.

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    They tried and failed to save a young man. We try every day to make a difference even at our own safety. And the cop haters still find something to ***** about. She wrote a well article that wont get much attention because it goes against the cop haters agenda.
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    I am against the militarization of the cops, not against the cops themselves. They do a very dangerous job with bad hours, bad working conditions, and deal with a lot of nasty people every day who can't be pleasant and just take the speeding ticket.

    And either the animals join the human race or we end up shooting the lot of them.
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    NE Utah
    I'm sure the kid was a good boy, just misunderstood. If only the police had just left him alone.:cool:
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    It seems like finally a black criminal is starting to get some respect. What a crock of S**T. Getting real tired of hearing about how bad supposed minorities have it in this country.

    The rules are simple. Treat other people with respect and you will be given respect. Don't break the law and the law won't come looking for you.

    This idea that police are supposed to be care bear actors is going to get a lot of good people killed. Not only through the cops action but their in action being caused by the politics of the situation. This is all about parts of society not being held accountable for their own actions. These poor and downtrodden folks that are supposedly being targeted and abused claim no self responsibility for their own actions. They show no desire to improve themselves or to be productive citizens of the community.

    It is really becoming sad.

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    Many are influenced by the criminal element in their home town, and with the gangster rappers on TV. Their mom's are 30ish and of the same mentality.

    Nobody wants to try and change things for the better. They are helping the agenda of the evil elements in power. They are tools, their lives are worthless to the government. Plenty more of them where they come from.

    What you never hear from the media is the people that are trying to turn this around in a positive direction.
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    I frequently find this to be not true. Sometimes it is, but often it isn't.

    Except in Maryland where law abiding gun owners from other states believe they are being "profiled" by the Police.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Okay on the first point I will give you that one. Unfortunately in today's society respect is not returned as it is given. Guess it really depends on the two individuals involved. But, as a general rule if that other person on the other side of me is not willing to be courteous then I do not consider them worthy of my time.

    As for the law thing. I am of the firm belief that anybody can be a fly on the wall if they just choose to practice some common sense and proper judgment when in surroundings.

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    I had one encounter with a Maryland DOT. I drove an unloaded 18 wheeler over a bridge on US40(?) The Haddum bridge. (Some French sounding town that I forgot the name of.) He claimed it was posted as a 3/4ton load limit from 6am-10pm at night! I had never heard of such a thing. I was courteous to him and I got a written warning. Unheard of! MD has it in for truckers. The speed limit on the bridge was 35mph and I rolled over it at 25. I didn't notice the cop until I was off the bridge.

    I would hate to get stopped there and harassed as a permit holder.
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    That sounds like a speed trap to me with an added bonus of screwing truckers

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    Actually it had to do with pouring concrete. Big trucks might shake the rock in the concrete down when it was being poured, thus leaving a bad surface that could be defective etc. My thing was it was marked on I-95. Not being from that area I had no idea of where this bridge was. And the orange sign on the interstate was the size of a speed limit sign. I saw it later after picking up my load.
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    It has become apparent that society is moving towards one that demands respect when none is earned.

    I realized I had to leave condo living ASAP (lest I go postal on someone) at 7am one Saturday morning when I awoke to the rythmic thump-thump-thump of falling property values. Going outside to investigate where the "music" was coming from, I followed the sound down the block and around the corner. The noise was so loud that it was rattling the light fixtures on the outside of the adjoining units. I went to the door and rang the bell, to no avail. I had to pound on the door before someone answered.

    The male resident came to the door, eyes at half-mast, beer in hand (did I mention it was 7am?), wearing boxers and a wife-beater (of course). A toddler wearing nothing but a filthy t-shirt wandered around behind him. The father-of-the-year stared at me for a couple seconds, then shouted, "WHAT?!" I shouted back, "You know goddamn well what! Turn your music down!" He responded with, "Hey, you're disrespecting me!" I told him he was disrespecting the entire neighborhood, and he said, "That's not how it works, man!"

    It isn't?! Well f*** me!

    I guess people can disturb the peace, force others to listen to their s****y "music", and we must all respect them. Beat on a cop... The cop has to respect your right to do so. Resist arrest... The police are disrespecting you when they take you down.

    Society is circling the drain.

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    TRWXXA you are lucky you didn't get in a fight, shot, or stabbed. I would have called the cops, or the manager's office.
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    Did both. Neither did anything (although cops did give him a warning). I called DCFS (for the good of the child of course, not to be a d**k ;) ). Not healthy for a toddler to be living in a noisy home, with a drunken thug and no diapers, is it?

    I didn't follow up. But since DCFS is required by law to investigate all complaints, I expect the dusche spent some of his precious drinking... I mean... leisure time defending himself from the state.

    We saw the writing on the wall. We were outta there 8 weeks later.
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    I gave up apartment living wen I was 21, and room mates at 23. I like my peace and quiet. If the house is a mess it is my fault so I don't have to keep after someone to pick up their crap...
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    Likely another one of our president's poster boys.