160Gig 7200RPM HDDs For Sale~~ Or $50~~ SATA or IDE

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  1. Dell OEM Replacement (not refurb) Seagate Barracuda 160 Gig 7200 RPM IDE Hard Drive. New, Factory Sealed In Static/Moisture Bag.

    Offer up some trades. Of course will sell for $80 but think I'm up for some trades. Not really looking for anything particular. Here's info on the drive:

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 160GB Hard Drive
    Barracuda 7200.10 is the latest in the Seagate family of high-capacity desktop drives targeted at mainstream and high-performance PCs and advanced storage applications. The Barracuda 7200.10 is the most reliable disc drive around. New perpendicular recording technology supports vertically stored data bits, enabling increased areal density and dependability for workstations and performance PCs.

    Advantages of Perpendicular Recording
    After more than ten years of pioneering research at Seagate, perpendicular recording is now a proven technology. It increases capacity and dependability by storing data vertically, rather than horizontally. And vertically stored data bits mean increased data density -- which means higher performance to increase productivity.

    This Drive Holds
    - 40 two-hour DVD-quality movies or
    - 160 hours of VHS-quality video or
    - 110 days of around-the-clock MP3 audio or
    - 40,000 vivid digital photos or
    - 228 action-packed games!
  2. No one has anything they are willing to trade? Well I'll drop the price a few bucks before sending it to ebay. Lets say 75...shipped, but still prefer trades...

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    I haven't done much looking around in my own assortment of possessions, but this seems like a good deal, especially since you are willing to barter to obtain an acceptable deal between both parties. I'll have to check on a few things I've got lying around; if I happen to find something I think I could part with and it is of a fair value to trade for your hard drive, I'll let you know. I didn't even know we had a Trading Zone board until I saw your post up on the "See Posts Since You Last Logged In" list!
  4. LOW LOW PRICE....

    50 each... Have both SATA and IDE... several of each. Paypal accepted if you wanna pay the fee, I'll eat the fee if you buy more then one. PM me if you want more info.

    Will trade for AR Stuff to include optics, .223 dies/reloading stuff. Just offer something before I throw them on ebay.

    Also have laptop (IDE and SATA) drives on hand.
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    Taurus, what do you have for notebook drives?
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    I'm sure you didn't mean to, but you just totally hijacked a guy's classified post, Taurus.
  7. What? this is my thread... unless i'm missing something here?
  8. Will have to check, THINK I have 80 gig and 160 gig SATA and 160 gig IDE drives, but like I said, gotta check. Lemme know what your interested in.
  9. These are the 8mb cache ones correct? $50 is a decent deal for the 7200.10
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    T, if you have a 160 SATA notebook drive, I might be interested
  11. Think so, will dig through my drives when I get home. I know I have 80g/5400/8mgcache toshibas in retail boxes, but not sure about the 160s, I know I have some somewhere, but not how many.
  12. It is a 7200.10
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    is it 50 shipped?
  15. Suuure why not. So long as you don't live in alaska or hawaii or somewhere shipping is going to kill me. Just wanna sell off some of my stock and buy new AR toys.
  16. Ok, here's the deal with the drives...
    Plenty of desktop drives, get em while they are hot...
    Having trouble finding the 160 gig sata laptop drives, but have a couple IDEs laying around. Also have several 80gig sata laptop drives.

    Just wanna mention that these drives would be perfect for making into USB external drives. Just buy an external enclosure and slap em together.
  17. If you find one of those 160 SATA drives for a laptop, let me know... All I have right now is 80 gig and I need more space.
  18. If you want a desktop drive, pay pal $52 for one, $50 each for more then one, to the address below.
    If you want a laptop drive PM me before sending funds.

    Paypal to [email protected]

    If you wish to pay by check, cash, or money order, PM me for address.

    Will update thread on laptop drives as soon as I find something other then 80gsata drive.