1903A3 range report

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  1. I came up with a nice load a couple weeks ago in my 30-06, but of course I couldn't leave it alone. My best group had been about 3.5 MOA at 100yds. This was acceptable in a military grade rifle shooting cast lead bullets. However, it wasn't really as good as I thought it should be. I free floated the barrel and loaded up another 20 rounds to test with. I had since changed out the rings on my scope as well, so I need to resight with the new rings. The first seven shots of the trip went to resighting.

    This was the first group, 3 shots at roughly 1.5 MOA:
    This was exciting. Dropping my group by half by floating was interesting as I had never had the need to float a barrel before.

    The next group, well, I don't know what happened. I called one flier, but the other one came out of nowhere. The group to the left however was another 3 very good shots.

    And this was my last group. There was one flier this time, again I have no idea why it happened. This group (ignoring the flier) spread out to around 2.75 MOA. This is still better than my previous groupings with barrel contact.

    The load is on the targets. The rifle is a Remington 03A3 with a 22" barrel and a Bishop walnut sporter stock.
  2. The best part of working up a load is you get to shoot all those loaded rounds! Keep working at it and you may just hit the sweet spot and suprise yourself.

  3. I tried variations of the load with barrel contact and was very disappointed. This load seem to be as sweet as I can get with 2400, which is a great balance of velocity and low price per load. I have very little doubt that it would drop a coyote like a wet sack of s**t. Towards the end of the summer I am going to be getting a little lathe. I'll be using it to hollow point some cast bullets. At that point I have no doubt that it would treat a buck very much like it would treat a coyote...