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  1. I was looking for a set of classic checkered rosewood grips for a model 1911A1. I have never bought replacement grips before for any of my guns and was wandering if anyone had suggestions on brands of grips? Also, where on the internet do most people shop for their grips? I can have the local gun shop I deal with order me some grips but I sort of wanted to compare prices and brands.
  2. ebay...looots of grips. that's where I got my rattler grips. just for craps and giggles, check out wickedgrips.com You can find lots of deals on gunbroker.com too. Then there's always google search it and click shopping link.

  3. Check out www.2rco.com they have a lot of different styles.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I too am kind of looking for 1911 grips.
  5. IndianasFinest,

    The website you give looks good to me for price. Have you bought anything from them? What did you think of the quality? I am looking at getting the standard Rosewood Checkered.
  6. I'm always looking for a cool set of grips to have on hand, the search never dies. Just wanna throw this out there, if anyone is looking to replace a set of Springfield GI grips, let me know, maybe we can work something out as I want a pair.
  7. Can't say that I have bought anything from them. I had my eye on there set of Olive Drab grips, but decided to go with a rosewood/rubber pachmayer set instead.
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    I really like the checkered grips on the springfields

    I really like this look in a grip

  9. I have seen some really nice double diamond checkered grips like above, but my problem with nice wood grips is they tend to get dinged up on pistols I carry. I went to a synthetic for that reason.

    http://www.sportsmansguide.com/ has a few pretty reasonable ones, and if you do a search for coupons and you may get the shipping taken care of.

    http://www.cdnninvestments.com/index.html also has some reasonable priced grips, $10 flat rate shipping, but they also sell other stuff that help make it worth it. :)

    It really depends on what you want to spend I suppose. There are a ton of places selling grips for th 1911.

    I have not bought from these, just ran across them in a search.
    http://www.woodgrips.com/1911 45 grips.htm

    Not that this has to do with rose wood,
    I saw Hogue had some new ones they call green/brown and that CDNN had them for 9 bucks. Hogue had no pictures of them and the ones at CDNN were hard to see. So I gambled and order them along with a couple mags.


    A little darker than the flat dark earth color of duracoat or magpul etc. made of a pliable but stiff kind of plastic, not soft rubber like other hogue brips, not hard plastic like some factory grips.
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    I like those
  11. oh oh, we're doin pics now? time to show off some...

  12. My new grips

    Thanks everybody for your input. I learned there are a heck of a lot of 1911 grips out there. I just ordered my new grips from http://www.calssportingarmory.com/. I got the Chip McCormick classic style checkered rosewood Slim Grip. I think they will look nice. I went with the McCormick because I think I like the slim grip a little better.

    Thanks for the pics of your gun grips on your guns as well, as it is sometimes tough to visualize certain grips on my gun.
  13. Did you think to get the slim grip screws? Unless they come with them, you will likely need a shorter post screw to use these. It's a very very common mistake to make and a huge buzzkill to get the new grips and have to wait another week to get the screws in to mount them with.
  14. Question for ya, Taurus. Where did you get those snake-skin grips?
  15. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZmelsplace53

    This guy is awsome. Only one I would recommend. He is a great guy that's easy to work with. Grips are top notch and actually very comfortable. You can request light or dark skin. I went with the light skin because my springfield is parkerized and looks nice with the lighter grip.
  16. Grip screws

    Thanks for asking about the screws Taurus 357. The Chip McCormick grips come with the shorter screws. I had looked at another set of slim grips made by someone else and they wanted $10 on top of the grips for the screws. That is another reason why I went with the McCormick grips.
  17. Yea, I almost did the same thing with some carbon fiber grips I most bought. You can get the short screws other places for less. Just gotta look. Its good that urs comes with the screws, plus chip makes some top notch stuff. Be sure to post pics when u get them mounted?