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    I am thinking about a 1911 for my next purchase. I was wondering if there are any brands I should steer clear of?
  2. Almost any will be ok, just stay clear of the polymer ones, I think there are 2 different manf of the polymer 1911's.

    Just my opinion but if you want plastic then buy a Glock.

  3. Try like he!! to get a Mill-spec 1911 then you can do all sorts of fun things. Springfeild has some good affordable ones. If money isnt an issue then try a nice Colt or Kimber
  4. yeah i'm not big on the poly framed 1911's either.
    1. abomination before the gun gods
    2. they feel really crappy.
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    i havent personally shot this one but my dad whos a firearms instructor told me that if im going to by a 1911 to buy the taurus PT-1911

    it goes for around $700 and for the price sounds hard to beat. you get all the accuracy and reliablity of a custom grade gun without going over $1000
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    I've heard nothing but good things about the PT-1911 and you can find them on Gunbroker for about $550. Not a bad deal considering the extras the Taurus' come with.

  7. Rock Island Armory, you shouldn't have any trouble finding one for 400 or less. Mine is 100% and accurate to boot. There have been a few people that have had some feed troubles, but every one I have heard that has had problems was fixed with a new recoil spring (usually from wolf (around 12 dollars)). I don't think you can go wrong with a "Rock".
  8. I'm a HUGE Springfield fan when it comes to 1911. I'd take one over any Kimber made at any price level,not saying anything bad about kimber, just a big Springfield fan. As far as wheel guns and such, I'm all Taurus. I have read nothing but good about the PT-1911 and have heard they rival 1911 that cost twice the price. A good thing about Springfield is they cover the board in the price range. You can get on from a little under $500 all the way up to whatever they are calling the Letham Legend now (total match grade custom shop work). Rock island makes good 1911s too and are at the lower end of the price scale. I believe Primal bought his for 350-400ish and that thing is a sweet shooter.
  9. I love my Rock Island Armory... Great pistol, sweet shooter and a good buy for the money.
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    I know your question sort of got changed around to what folks dig. But since that is the case this is the one I always bring up Dan Wesson Pointman 7

  11. Right now I have Kimbers.
  12. I also have a Rock Island and paid 395.00 brand new. It's mil-spec, made in the P.I. and all major parts interchange with Colt and Springfield. For the price, you just can't beat this one. It is definitely the "Hi-Point" of the 1911's. I'm looking for another one for a back-up. :wink:
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    Thanks for all the replies. I think I'll looking at getting an RIA after the new year.
  15. A reliable decent entry level, go with RIA. (300-400 dollars)

    A very nice shooting gun at a cheap price (lots of stock custom add-ons), go with the Taurus PT1911 (700 dollars).

    A very good basic model with a brand name, go with Springfield. (500-700?)

    Thats what I will consider if I ever get another 1911.
  16. RIA.

    For the cost of any of the bigger name guns you can turn your perfectly fine mil spec RIA 1911A1 into a race gun.
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    steer clear of the Llamas. I had one and it was great. Two of my friends bought em and they had problems. I think they are out of business now but there are several out there used....