1911 with blade?

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  1. i know this is probably photo shopped but i found this pic and i thought it was really cool. is there really an attachment like this for the 1911? (keeping my fingers crossed) :D

  2. Is that a pizza cutter?

  3. Don't remember who but some kidna big name company made/makes a picitanny rail mounted blade.

    If that pic is real its a gound up custom frame for sure.
  4. There isn't one, you just stick it down the front of your pants :D
  5. ouch.

    Looks like a custom frame to me.

    and useless to boot.
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    Guess you're not going to hold that with two hands.
  7. THAT'S CRAZY! I'd vote photoshop, but either way it's cool, but useless.
  8. I would cut off my finger just field stripping the thing......
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    my vote is for photoshop as well. Neat pic though.

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    totally stupid. and it is most def. photoshop.
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    If you buy one, you get the Coke machine camo for 1/2 price :lol:
  14. I sure hope that's a Photoshop.
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    its def photoshop, the bottom of the second fingerhole is fuzzy and the grain on the table below it is as well.

    looks too heavy. and single handed use only would be impractical.
  17. I saved it and blew it up to take a closer look. I'm no pro, but I say photoshop job and willing to put money on it. If you save it and use even MS Paint to zoom in on the dragon, you'll see the the shadowed in areas of the dragon are jet black. Then look at the trigger, see how its a lighter black. You don't see alot of total blackness on many photos. Then, as mentioned before, the trigger hole isn't blended perfectly. And there is the wood grain. Some places it's curving, some places it's straight.

    Either way it's a cool and useless gun that, if real, would look good in a display case on the wall.