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What's a good AFFORDABLE 1911. I would love to get one, but don't feel like shelling out 800+ for a pistol.
Rock Island Armory (parent company is Armscor) got mine brand new OTD for $435. It is an excellent shooter, stock you can take a place in a competition. Primal took 3rd with his RIA .38 Super at a shooting Comp. The company makes their 1911 most like the original pistol compared to any other brand, you can put any M1911A1 custom part on it and it will work fine.
Actually, my RIA is .45ACP. The Springfield is .38 Super.... And yes, I took 3rd place overall at the Holloman AFB shooting competition. I was up against half the damn Security Forces squadron, and I pwnt them. LOL!

RIA is a damn good 1911 for the money as it's mil-spec and you can upgrade the internal parts for not alot of coin. The only thing I don't like about RIA is their crappy factory sights. I am going to have mine upgraded when I get to Alaska, as I didn't have time to do it here.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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