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Sig's and Glocks aren't really based on a 1911.....I have an old colt, it has a buffalo nickle notched rear sight and an indian head penny for the front and will outshoot anything else i own, as loose as it is, including my Springfield and Kimber. The Springfield had a bunch of work done on it by Mark Morris, and it is one reliable great shooting gun, however i have so much money tied up into it i hate to take it out.... Google his name, or it may be MCP.COM, not but and you will find some incredible 1911's if you don't mind spending $8000.00 for a custom pistol. He is coming out with a base model for around $4000.00 that looks like a sweet piece. The Kimber is a great carry gun, reliable and acurate.
Stay away from the Rock River.....i bought one and sold it the same day.......JUNK
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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