1995 Hi-Point C9 pics

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  1. This is the second Hi-Point I have owned. The first I bought brand new about two and a half months ago and it jammed more often than I would like. Needless to say I traded it in on my .40s&w Sigma (a truly fabulous gun IMHO). But in the back of my mind I kept missing that hi-point. So much so that when I got an offer from a guy to trade me an SKS and a C9 for an old guitar I had I jumped all over it.

    I called up hi-point to see how old the gun was and they told me 1995! I didn't even know they made them then. Anyways its a great gun, much better it seems then the one I got brand new. The only major differences that I notice are that the slide is a shiny gloss like black and that the sights are fixed but It really does handle better. My only qualm with this gun is that the mag wont feed the bullets correctly causing the bullet to get stuck and not chamber. It's not a big deal though because I'm sending the mag in to hi-point tomorrow to get a new one (I hope they send me two).

    Anyways, here are some pics:


    This pic shows the shininess of the slide

    Here you can see I have throughly polished and shaped the feed ramp

    And here is a good shot of the fixed sights
  2. wow, i never seem a older c9. i actually looks better.

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    I actually like the fixed sights. I have an older JH-45 with the fixed sights, and love it. Very accurate. The mag release broke. so, I sent it in. When I called, I talked to a very nice tech. We got to talking about adjustable sights. He said he would put a new slide on it with adjustable sights. I asked if I could have my old slide back, just in case I didn't like the adjustable sights. He said absolutely. Got it back within a week.
  4. That's a '95? Then I wonder how old those HPs are that you see with the other grips and the heel mag release.......

    The white sights are standard for guns these days, so I kinda actually like the yellow/red on the new version.
  5. Really nice looking pistol for its age. Don't get your hopes up on getting an extra mag for sending one in.

    They usually do it if you send the pistol or carbine in for repairs to help offset your shipping costs, but I have not heard of anyone saying they got an extra one for sending in a mag.
  6. My C9, CF380 and .40 are all 8-10 yrs old. My 995 is 8 yrs. Been shooting then ever since without a problem. Love HP.
  7. not for a mag - I just sent in a bad 10rd mag, they shipped a new one fast :D , but just a mag, no extras. :?
  8. A guy can hope can't he :wink:
  9. Kudos... A very good deal and a great looking C9.
  10. Nice C-9. I'm glad to hear you missed yours and had to replace it. They do kind of grow on you after a while. I'm still waiting to get a carbine.
  11. Yes that is a nice looking older C9. I also didn't realize they had been around that long.
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    I bought my first C9 in 1999 and it was similar to that one. it had adjustable sights but the finish was the same smooth glossy look.

  13. I've got to eat my words on this one :oops: - I just recieved a 2nd 10rd mag in the mail today - it appears they send me 2 mags (each in it's own package) - one arrive on time, the other was lost - it was postmared March 18th, just arrived today ( it was stamped "Found in supposedly empty equipment") :lol:
  14. Some people get all of the luck...... ;)
  15. Nowonmai,

    Any update on your 1995 C9 and the feeding issues? Curious to know if the new mag fixed the problem and how the gun shoots.
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    i've never seen one with a shiny slide and no holes in the trigger. a true classic.
  17. That is REALLY nice, and a keeper. If I had that, and had problems with it, I'd send it in only with the understanding that they'd fix the basic problem and NOT upgrade it to the current configuration. A beauty!
  18. I haven't gotten the chance to hit the range since I got the new mag but I'll be heading that way tomorrow to shoot all my guns so I'll give you guys an update then.
  19. Well the trip to the range went great, went through 495 rounds of varying caliber and had a great time in the process but the Hi Point still has some issues. First of all it still jams occasionally while chambering a round, and worst of all the mag will just drop out at random while firing. I know for a fact that I was not hitting the mag release in any way because I changed and tried many grip positions with my fingers no where near near the release and still the mag would drop. With that being said I think I'm going to sell the C9 and my Sigma to fund a nice stainless Taurus PT-100 that I have been dreaming about lately. Out of the five guns I own, the FEG beats them all hands down.