1mph Over in NC Pay the Tax!

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    A local town near me 1mph over the limit is $272. Looks like the entire state of NC is going to be doing the same thing.


    Police officers in North Carolina have been instructed to start cracking down on speeding drivers for going even 1mph over the posted speed limit. The strict enforcement is part of a campaign called “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine.”

    Drivers on highways across the country are used to being able to drive a bit faster than the posted speed limit. As a general guideline, most drivers feel that as long as they’re within 9mph of the limit, they’re usually fine. In fact, in some states, even the automated ticket cameras aren’t allowed to issue tickets within a “buffer zone” of 1-9mph over the speed limit.

    “Many Americans believe they won’t be ticketed if they drive within a ‘buffer zone’ above the posted speed limit,” said a statement on the NCDOT website. “But now, law enforcement will be targeting and ticketing speeding drivers. When it comes to speeding: Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine – the posted speed limit IS THE LAW.”

    According to the Highway Safety Program, the goal of the initiative is to remind people that regardless of how much over the speed limit you are, if you’re driving faster than the speed limit, you’re breaking the law.

    Jim O’Neill, the District Attorney for Forsyth County, noted that it might prove difficult to process the huge increase in speeding tickets that would result from letter-of-the-law enforcement. According to O’Neill, it will be up to each individual DA’s office whether or not to prosecute someone for driving 1mph over the limit.

    Just another reason not to live in NC.
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    Never happen..... I was heading into Charlotte a few years back. Speed limit was 65. We were doing about 68. I looked in my mirror and cars were literally splitting both sides of me as far as I could see. I had to kick it up to 90 to stay with the flow. A local officer that was with our group said unless someone was weaving in & out....driving reckless, they let them go.


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    In the 80's FHP on I-4 used 2 choppers and many troopers parked in the median to nab the offenders.
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    Most automobile speedometers are not 1MPH accurate.

    This is another feel-good do-little punish-a-lot measure.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Everyone who fights it will win.

    "You were ticketed going 66mph"
    "My cruise control was set to 64"

    Only out of staters will get royally screwed because they can't make the court date.

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    I am buying a car from my dad. The speedometer is off 2-3mph according to my Cobra GPS. It depends what speed I am going sometimes it is correct. I drove my '93 Corolla 4+ years by GPS as the speedo didn't work, or was way off.
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    And my truck came with 245-75R16 or 265-70R16 tires from the factory depending on options. Same speedo gear in all variations. There is a 2mph difference in reading between tire sizes that the factory didn't even bother to compensate for. They calibrated the speedos to the 245's.

    I actually had a conversation similar to this with the Trooper across the street. I would come in asking for the specs from the speed detecting devices to determine tolerances, ask to see the maintenance and inspection reports, the officers training with the device, and the last time it had been calibrated. He told me I was an ass hole and would get out of just about any speeding ticket ever issued as long as it wasn't a new detector right out of the box.

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    Back in the 80's I had a book written by Ron Dornsnife. "The Ticket Book." Very interesting read.
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    Fargo used to jack up their speeding tickets. After a huge law suit. Every town has to follow state speeding ticket fees. Cost Fargo millions in returning the fees.
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    Unenforceable, after the first 100 tickets get fought because no speedometer is accurate to within 1mph they will have spent far more than the made.

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    Nothing new here. It's been done annually for years. It's a requirement from the National Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA). Last year, like this year, it was run under the "obey the sign or pay the fine" banner, in the past it's been called "no need to speed" and "obey or pay" I believe it's also been run under the "clicket or ticket" banner.

    It was blown out of proportion this year by a news report out of Raleigh NC.

    We have a fleet of 170 trucks. There are records kept of trucks stopped for speeding. In the past 24 months I have had 5 trucks stopped for speeding 1 to 5 miles per hour over the speed limit, and 37 stopped for speeding 6 to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. The top 4 states where these happened? Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia. Most of these , by the way, have no associated ticket, just the report by the officer of why they stopped the truck.

    From the NCDOT website

    North Carolina law enforcement remains committed to keeping our highway and roads safe,” said Public Safety Secretary Frank L. Perry. “The NC State Highway Patrol does not intend to change its tactics when it comes to enforcing the speed limit. Our troopers still have reasonable discretion when it comes to enforcing our traffic laws. Earlier reports that we would begin ticketing drivers going one or two miles over the speed limit were based on a misinterpretation of the initiative. Troopers and local law enforcement officers will continue to enforce the speed limit.

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    Thanks greg_r! When I was driving OTR Ohio DOT would nab you for 1mph over just to give you "free" safety inspections! :p luckily I drove for the #1 or #2 FMCSA rated company at the time. Never got pulled into the scales for an inspection.