1st .40 cal. Range Report

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    Took my JCP .40 to the range today for the very first time. There are so many things I like about this pistol---

    American Made
    Price (.40 caliber in the house for 179.99!!)
    Funky Looks (actually MAJOR cool)
    Ergonomics (grips fit my hand perfectly)
    Accuracy (I'm not a marksman, but I was very pleased)
    Recoil (very managable)

    the pistol jammed every other or every second round. I put 140 rounds thru it with each mag loaded to no more than 7 rounds (many times less). I fired hollow points and FMJ with no appreciable difference. I am almost certain it is the feed ramp. I removed the slide tonight and it could stand a good polishing. I read the appropriate thread here, but I don't have a dremel. Can this be done w/o one? Could there be other contributing factors in addition to the feed ramp? Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.

    Once this feeding issue is resolved, I think my accuracy might improve as I tended to anticipate the jam each time.

    Thanks for your help,
  2. Yes you can polish the ramp with out a dremel. All you ned is some very very fine sand paper (1500-2000 grit). It really doesnt take much time at all just dont take off too much material!!!!!!

    As far as other tricks I would say look at the Magazines.... I dont have a .40 but I have seen alot of ifferent pistol have major problems that were sloved by replacing or fixing a bad magazine. (check all of the simple stuff first). Im sure some of the .40 owners will chime in soon.

    Hope it helped......

  3. What stryker said. I had to adjust the lips on the magazine on my c9. It is possible that the same adjustment would be needed on the 40. Also, it might help to load the mag full and it sit like for a couple of weeks. It will adjust the tension in the mag spring.

    I don't have a 40 but i have a c9 and a JHP45. Both of them are great guns and I hear a lot of people like the 40.