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Gave my C9 its first bath at 2K rounds. It started having a few FTE and knew I would feel guilty if I just gave it a few drops of oil like I've done in the past. Gave it a field strip cleaning, not a total tear down. (FYI, I always snake with a cleaner and 2nd snake with oil after every shooting.)

I got some break cleaner to have on hand as suggested in other posts but I did not need it. It cleaned up just fine with gun cleaner (M-Pro 7 cleaner) and a toothbrush. That cleaner is not a harsh solvent so I mopped it on, gave it a bit of brushing time and rotated from slide to receiver to parts and back again a few times. Wiped dry and gave it all some gun oil (M-Pro 7 oil).

Had it out this week. Back to its old self. Yea!

Question; So all the parts I can see and reach now look pristine and the C9 is working great. Any reason I need to go beyond a field strip cleaning and tear it down to it's component parts? (Yes, drops of oil went into those invisible areas.)

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Go deeper and remove the grips if you want to clean the LRHO, trigger assembly and mag safety. That's pretty much all you missed.

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Its not a 1911, take it apart and check for wear.
You may want to swap out springs and firing pin.
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