1st day at the range after replacing .40 mag springs

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    I had a lot of problems with feeding issues from my original mag springs. After seeing a video about Glock 43 + 15 springs that will work with Hi-Point mags, I bought some for my pistol and carbine. Here's my updated review on the springs from Ghost Inc:

    "I had a chance to get back to the range this last weekend, and wanted to get this update in. After leaving my mags loaded with 8 rounds for a number of weeks, the springs had adjusted enough to allow me to load the mags to their full 10 round capacity. I left the mags that way for at least 4 weeks, and when I went to the range this last weekend, my mags worked flawlessly with no jams!
    I recommend these springs to every owner of a Hi-Point .40 cal pistol, and the carbine as well. Thank you for a great product that solved my feeding issues."

    I'm a happy camper now that I can depend on my pistol to be reliable in case I need it to defend myself or a loved one!
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    NE Utah
    Huh. I’ve got a pile of OEM 40 mags with OEM springs, that never gave me any trouble.
    Glad I didn’t have to spend any money on that.

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    Curious question. Did you do anything like this with the OEM springs before getting fed up and following youtube advice?
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    No offense Patriot but we could probably have saved you time and money and aggravation.
    YouTube should be your last resort.
    Belated welcome.
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