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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by gordo, Sep 25, 2015.

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    Hi everyone, I just picked up my 1st Hi point, its a C9 and was wondering if there is anything I should do to it before taking it to the range.Thanks
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    The C9 owners all say to load the magazine, and let it set like that, overnight, so that the spring, lips and follower will all line up well. I have the JHP45, and its magazines are good to go out of the box.

    Regardless of the model, though, you shout run a snake through the bore, at a minimum. Also, if you don't want to take it apart to clean an lube it from the start, I would recommend that you at least lock the slide back so that you can get to the firing pin channel and underside of the slide, and then lightly lube those areas. After lubing, vigorously cycle the action at least ten times to spread the lube across all of the friction points.

  3. Welcome.

    I did absolutly nothing to my C9 before firing it off. As a matter of fact, I've not tweaked the first thing on mine. Load, point, fire is all I suggest at first.
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    Buy ammo. Do nothing at all to it until you try it. Its always a good idea to leave the mags loaded, on any gun not just a HiPoint.
    But dont mess with anything until you've shot it first.
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    ^ Pretty much what they said. I loaded my mags right away and left them that way until I got to the range. Prior to getting ammo-I didn't get any the same day I bought my C9-crazy, huh?
    But in the mean time, I used a pencil to push the mag spring down and work it back forth for a while.

    I didn't run anything through the bore-probably should have, but I did lubricate the slide and other various moving parts as much as possible without taking the slide off.

    I should suggest trying a few different types of ammo, and don't get discouraged if one or two types don't feed right. I haven't had any issues with any types of ammo, but some have. For me, I have had good luck with Federal American Eagle of various grain types. Usually I just go with 115. You may have some issues with hollow poitns not feeding right.

    EIther shot alot of FMJ first, or polish the feed ramp IF you have this problem.

    Most say just grab some cheap FMJ and head to the range.

    Report back with how it went, and if you need and tips from there, we can help out

    Most importantly, welcome to the forum and to Hi Point ownership :D
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    Welcome from Las Vegas!
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    Tap it on a rock to shake any loose metal filings out and then shoot the $#!t out of it.
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    :welcome: GORDO!!! :D

    Great Advice!
    I have had too many NEW Guns needing a shot of oil. Nearly all of them,
    and it will not hut a Hi Point if you do exactly what Think1st says!
    I call it "Cheap Insurance" and it cannot hurt a bit, even if it's
    already lubed enough. Minor Bore Obstructions may not make
    your new gun "blow up" but machining debris can wear the barrel
    if not removed. It's a good idea to check it and snake it first.

    See you on the boards! :cool:
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  11. This is all I did for mine. Never had an issue to tweak.
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    Note: If you load the mag at home before going to the range, check with state and local laws on transporting handguns before leaving the house. When in doubt, it's safer to unload the mag for your trip.
  13. No way.That can't be true.Just kidding.Michigan requires gun and ammo be separated.Gun in trunk,ammo in seating area or vice versa.If no trunk,gun must be unloaded and ammo separate from gun.
    So much easier to just obtain a CPL and be done with it.
  14. EvilE424

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    Welcome to the forum of the insane and awesome (in that order) from ND
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    Hello and welcome from Indiana! Good choice on the C9...I have shot the snot out of mine, and they just keep running.
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    Congrats on the purchase of your C-9! Don't want to spoil (i.e. delay) your fun, but I thought that "conditioning" the magazines by loading them and letting them sit took a bit more than overnight. IIRC, it's more like a week (maybe more). That being said, you can still head straight out to the range and start shootin'. You just might want to prepare yourself for the possibility that there may be some feeding issues. If so, don't be overly disappointed. For sure, don't come home, log on to the forum and express your displeasure. While many have had great experiences with their Hi Points "right out of the box", a great many others have had a steep climb to the point where their Hi Points function nicely.

    This forum has plenty of "mostly nice" folks (plus a few that struggle with the concept) that will be more than happy to help solve issues that you may encounter.
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    welcome. If its your first pistol look up limpwristing then don't do that and you'll probably be fine.
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    I didn't do anything to mine before hitting the range.

    Afterward, I gave it a good cleaning, added a drop of Lucas Oil on the slide, and tweaked the mag lips a little to smooth out the feed. I also added a piece of bicycle inner tube on the grip.

    I did perform one cosmetic mod; I color-filled the Hi-Point logo and factory stamps on the slide (it looks awesome!)
  19. talon

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    Oh no, you color filled BEFORE accesorizing? That's unacceptable around here.