1st time gun owner, new to the forums

Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by iainfixie, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. iainfixie

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    Hello everyone!

    Just completed the purchase of my very first firearm yesterday, after tons of research and number running I wound up sealing the deal on a BNIB hi-point C 9mm for $145.00 even.

    Picking it up on Saturday!

    This is my first gun, first handgun, and first firearm outside of a .22LR, or 20 gauge shotgun. I grew up in a gun-less family, but shot in Boy Scouts and with friends/other family over the years.

    Really impressed with the forums here, even though my wallet is weeping at all the various accessories and stuff I want to snag for my new range toy (Thingmeister's grips for sure!)

    So hello everyone, from Florida!
  2. Visper

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    Welcome to the Forum!!:welcome:

    Lots of good knowledge here but more importantly good people!! Well most of em...:rolleyes:

  3. Bull

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    Welcome from MO
  4. Think1st

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    Welcome to the forum! For a first gun, you went with a good choice. I recently bought my first Hi Points (45JHP, 4595TS), although they were on top of an already decent collection. Make sure you read the threads about prepping your C9's magazines and that you put some lube in the firing pin channel (not too much) and under the slide where it rubs against the frame. Also, make sure to snake the boar before you take out.

    If you get a chance, sign up for a basic handgun course with it after you have run a couple hundred rounds through it to break it in. Hi Points are very accurate, and you'll want to maximize its potential.
  5. bluharley

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    Welcome from another Floridian, Palm Harbor.
  6. FlashBang

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    Welcome to the Forum! Good introductory post. You'll find a wealth of knowledge here and years of experienced wisdom to draw from. You'll also find that although we are often best described as a dysfunctional family with lots of squabbles.... we look out for our own. ;)

    Spend some time and read posts to get an idea of the who and what is here.... then jump in with both feet and make yourself part of our family. :)

  7. tallbump

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    Welcome from th frozen tundra (or planet Hoth) of Northern Pennsylvania.

    My C9 was my first ever firearm, although I had shot a few times before.

    You will definitely love it. As others have said, read up on prepping it to shoot. I followed the usual advice and never experienced a failure.

    You'll definitely want a few extra mags.

    As far as accessories, most can be bought directly from Hi Point for cheaper than any where else. They now have some cool grip options as well.


    I'd also recommend a Joey's "keychain" too. Well worth the money.

  8. MachoMelvin

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    You should also invest in a hard hat & some steel toed boots, you'll need them if you're going to hang around here for very long!!!
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  9. Bull

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    Welcome from MO, load your mags and let em sit that way, unloading them and reloading them every few days.... it'll help break the mags in..... And do not cycle live rounds through it, as the firing pin is part of the ejection process.
  10. planosteve

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    And keep your booger picker off the bang switch until you are ready to shoot.
  11. lklawson

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    So do you have any training or experience with handguns in particular or is it just rifles?

    If you really haven't gotten any training with handguns, I feel confident in recommending the NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation course or the slightly more in depth NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course.


    FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation description (chosen at random from the Fla search on above link):
    NRA FIRST Steps Pistol is a Live Fire class designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to one specific pistol action type for classes of four to six students. This course is at least 3 hours long and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot a specific pistol action type. This course meets Florida’s requirements for a Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP). Students will learn the NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; the particular pistol model parts and operation; correct ammunition selection; shooting fundamentals; care & cleaning of pistols; and continued opportunities for skill development. Students will receive the Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet, FIRST Steps Course completion certificate​

    The Basic Pistol Shooting Course is essentially the same thing but covers different actions and types of handguns with more instruction and usually more range time and training. IMS, the class is 8 or 12 hours. It's well worth it.

    If you're not quite set up to afford those classes yet, then I heartily recommend the NRA book, The Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting, available direct from the NRA store for $11 for the latest and greatest version, or from Amazon for, um..., less. ;) Heck if (like me) you're really cheap, you can troll ebay for a few weeks and find one for almost free (though it'll be an older edition and probably have someone else' handwritten notes in it). The information in the book doesn't seem to change much from edition to edition, though the ones from the 80's do have entertaining photographs.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum.

    Peace favor your sword,
  12. iainfixie

    iainfixie Member

    This is exactly what I was looking for, I have a few friends who have owned for well over a decade and either shoot in pistol marksmanship tourneys or whatnot, that will be guiding me through my journey into the wonderful world of gun ownership and responsible usage.

    Thanks to all for the warm welcome and knowledge!
  13. iainfixie

    iainfixie Member

    Oh, and yeah my only experiences with firearms were the occasional 20 gauge shotgun, or .22 rifle growing up. My father took me shooting .22 handguns when I turned 13 years old back in 2000. I think since then, I've always had a love for shooting and accuracy but never really thought to get into firearms myself.

    I have plenty of friends into the hobby of sport shooting, hunting, or marksman challenges but myself I just prefer the idea of poking into the range now and then to fire off a box or two, and knowing that my home is safe and secure from any would-be intruders (Even though I live in a nicer, gated apartment complex you never know right?)

    Still, looking forward to the range next weekend. Sadly, I chose a life of music and performing so I wind up having severe lacks of "free/me time" during certain months. However, I've already blocked out enough time to take my buddies shooting (Paying all their range fees) to give me a crash course in everything (Even though I AM signing up for lessons when I can make the time).

    Thanks again everyone!
    That keychain looks to be the first thing I'll wind up getting!
  14. Dagwood

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    Welcome from the great southwest !!!

    This the best gun forum in the web!!

    Great group if guys, and tins of knowledge about everything. Not just hi points.
  15. Welcome to the firearm addiction!
  16. Welcome to the forum.

    Ah you picked a good brand to start with, Hi Points are known to be habit forming, especially once you get your paws on a carbine. However they are some of the most affordable and reliable firearms on the market. So it's not going to hurt your wallet too bad once you go buying others, lol.

    As for the basics, I recommend gathering the most information possible on firearms. Here is a few points that most of us seem to forget we had to learn them once too....

    Disassembly, maintenance/cleaning, and re-assembly. A clean gun is a happy gun but don't over do it, there is such a thing as too much oil.

    Ballistics. This may seem a bit advanced for a first time owner but you gotta go to the deep end some time. Focus on the 9mm and the 3 most popular grain loads 115gr (target) 124gr (nato) and 147gr (hollow point). Learn the difference, their uses, and how you can/want to apply them to your style of shooting.

    Drills. Okay fun time!!! Drop the $10 on a set of Snap Caps (fake bullets made for training) so you can safely cycle and dry fire your gun. Then you can practice the basics in the comfort of your home without putting a hole in the wall. Running these dry fire drills will help build muscle memory and decrease nerves when live firing. Drills come in many styles from holster drawing and mag changes to clearing a jam or target acquisition. Do what interests you.

    Surprisingly YouTube is a great place to find information on all this stuff. There are many knowledgeable people out there offering it up for free so why not use it. Just be careful who you listen too there are plenty of idiots out there too, use common sense and good judgment.

    This information should be a good place to start, once you have and understand it apply this new knowledge to how YOU want to shoot your guns. Whether thats for fun, accuracy, self defense, or even hunting zombies is your choice. Have fun.
  17. Liberty

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    Welcome to the asylum. We love range reports and pictures.
  18. histed

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    It is, you know. First the C9, then a JHP, then a carbine calls you.... Be aware that there is no cure and everyone - EVERYONE - here is an enabler!! Seriously, you got some good advice already. Don't mind the haters - you C9 should be as good as anything out there, just uglier! ;) Here, we love ugly (they even let me post)
  19. Welcome aboard iainfixie.This site is one of the better ones out there!
    Its always fun waiting for that new firearm to arrive,no doubt.
  20. lsi1

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    pop in fire off a box or two. Soon you'll find that typing snarky answers to these guys occupies the time you should be out shooting.

    Melvin some days a set of waders is a better idea than a set of steel toes.

    Someone want to enable me on my next glock purchase.

    Seriously welcome from planet Hoth as well.