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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by sdbrit68, Sep 17, 2014.

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    okay, I picked up my c9 at 4:10 pm, I was at the range 45 minutes later. In my defense, I was taking a shotgun class but got there early, accidentlly of course

    I bought 100 rounds of something, belli something or other 9mm luger.

    First impression-

    Gun feels heavy, I mean heavy, I can see where the brick references come from.

    First load was hard to try and get 8 rounds in, so just popped in 7.
    I was high and left, but, excessively tight grouping, thought it must be a fluke, until I ran two more mags and was hitting the same holes, literally ripping the same holes.

    Recoil, touch rough, but not bad, but, I have only been shooting shotguns for the past month, and most of my handgun before that was a Beretta 40, and limited, so compared to others 9mm, I dont know.

    I ran 100 rounds and there were 2, I repeat, 2 failures to feed, gun stayed locked open like it was empty, dropped the mag, tapped the top bullet, reloaded, went bang again.

    With only two, FTF, on a brand new weapon, I see no reason at all to jump into adjusting or polishing anything, will wait and see how the next thousand rounds go, maybe I just got lucky on this round, or I got a good mag, who knows.

    After a 100 rounds my hands were tired, could be either that I am not used to shooting handguns, or just wear and tear from all the shotgun shooting, my shotgun has a pistol grip so it works the fingers and the thumbs.

    Would I buy another, probably, even if I dont shoot a lot, it went bang, it would protect my family, and it was pretty damn accurate, can't wait to get it zeroed in with the sights adjusted.

    At the end of the day, it was $200 for $500 worth of fun......and home protection.

    Would I recomend it, yeah, even if it was one FTF every mag, for the price, can't beat it.
  2. sdbrit68

    sdbrit68 Supporting Member

    oh, and forgot.............the range near me not only sells the silver bear ammo, they alow you to shoot it, 500 rounds for $100, heck yeah

  3. Welcome

    Glad to hear you like your C9 - I love mine! I had the same impressions, except for recoil. Gun is heavy or top heavy, but balances well. The trigger is long and slow. The sights I really like, and to me are above average. The recoil to me is very soft for a 9mm Luger - I've only shot the Glock 19 for comparison. I bought mine in November 2012 and was the only new handgun I could afford, beside a Cobra or Phoenix. I have 392 rounds of fmj fired for 3 double-feed and 3 fail-to-feed minor malfunctions. I've done nothing to it, beside spray cleaning with Rem Oil after each shooting session. Happy shooting! :D
  4. Dagwood

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    I'm glad to see that someone had reasonable expectations of a 200.00 gun and was surprisingly impressed. Great range report!!
  5. planosteve

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    That is better than most 1911's out of the box, don't hate me I love 1911's they just need to break in.
  6. sdbrit68

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    We shall see how it goes over time, I have a thousand rounds of silver bear ordered, picked up another 250 rounds of some generic brass earlier today, so I will get plenty of range time
  7. Liberty

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    Fantastic range report!

    Personally I LOVE the heaviness of the Hi-Points. I have big hands and want something STEADY. I grew up on shoulder-mounted video cameras with a separate recorder. You can turn into a human tripod for them and NO jiggle. Same with a Hi-Point. It's massive and I'm a big guy, so I don't notice much recoil.

    So you like how even if you need to adjust the sights a little, it keeps putting the bullets through the same holes? ME TOO. Just have to hit the right spot, and I can empty the magazine into a bad guy.

    Keep the range reports coming!
  8. panoz77

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    Yeah, on the recoil, compared to most modern 9mms, you will find the C9 is tamer than almost all of them.

    And the weight is 29 oz. not really as heavy as "myth" suggests. Only 4 ounces more than a Glock 17!!! Again, the "weight"/"brick" comments are a self perpetuating myth from bashers.

    Taurus 92 AFS weight = 34 oz

    Glock 19 = 23.6 oz

    Glock 17 = 25 oz

    Contrary to the name, the C9 is not really a "compact" pistol. I think that designation was generated from the barrel length. It is more similar to most full size 9mms.
  9. sdbrit68

    sdbrit68 Supporting Member

    Good point, thats why I made sure to state I don't have a comparison level. After 30 days when commiefornia allows me to buy a second hand gun, then its off to the range for some , ummmmmmm " testing"

    The girlfriend messed with it last night, sadly, her grouping was tighter than mine, I didn't know whether to cheer, or slink away to a corner
  10. RobbK

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    Marry that woman!! there is nothing better than a spouse that love shooting as much as you do.
  11. wganz

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    Glock lists the G19/23/32/38 sized pistol as a 'compact'.

    Interesting to see how people's perceptions change on a 'compact' handgun compared to the 1870's when a Colt Single Action Army 1873 with a 6" barrel was considered 'compact' against the Dragoon cap&ball pistols that preceded it.
  12. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Cheer, and then be really, really nice, as long as you are within range.;)