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    I bought my C9 several years ago. Joined the Forum. Learned all about the gun. Watched Youtube videos on everything about the gun. Heard all the bad about the magazines, etc. Had not fired the gun until yesterday.

    I took a 7 hour beginning handgun class at an outdoor range last Saturday. About half class room and half range time. There were about 40 of us. Learned a lot. Only problem was it rained the whole time we were shooting! No overhead cover. Whatever. Everybody was soaked. We shot at 3 yards. I had left my magazines loaded previously to break in the springs. And to start I only loaded 6 rounds in them. Fired about 40 rounds that way and no issues. Loaded 7 rounds next and had several failure to eject. Went back to 6. Later at 7 again and no problems. The gun is accurate. I did much better that I imagined I would. Rain is miserable. Our group of 20 would leave our guns on the mat and go reload our mags while the other group shot. Then we would go back down to shoot, but our guns were soaked! Ever try to work the slide with wet hands and gun??? Hard enuf when it's dry. Wished I would have had the 10 round mags as everybody else got to shoot a lot more rounds. Facility offered me back next month to take the same course again for FREE, on them ($90). I learned enuf to go to a local indoor range and feel comfortable, and pay $18 for 2 hours. The experience was GREAT except for the weather. Happy with my C9. I shot Blazer Brass and good Remington.
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    Welcome back I guess!..... Nice to see you had good luck with the C9

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    There's some serious poopie talked about HPs. For 8 years I was on a state wide Tac Team in Missouri. I had guys carry Kimbers and high dollar pistols. Just on a lark, I brought my (then) new HP 9mm compact to range training. I was made fun of, until it NEVER jammed, and then it out shot the guys 1500 dollar Kimbers. Score one for HP
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    Hell, a $500 RIA 1911 will out shoot most Kimbers.:rofl:
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    TOTALLY agree. But some of these jack wads just HADDA talk up their pistols. It wasnt just the Kimbers, there were plenty of "___insert name here___" pistols. It was good to see them get schooled by a HP. Humbling for them. Its not the machine, sometimes its the man behind it.