1st timer casting.

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  1. As some of you here know I have decided to try my hand at doing some casting. Got some wheel weights and have been melting them into Corn and Fish!!!

    I have turned the Fish and Corn into 124gr. 9mm Bullets!!!!!!!

    I was using a Lee Production Pot IV 10# This thing works great!!!!!


    I am using a 2 cavity Lee Mould TL356-124-2R. Waiting on my 6 cavity Mould can't wait for that thing to show up.....



    This was alot easier of a process than I thought it would be.. It isnt that time consuming either. A few hours and you can turn old crap into money saving bullets!!!!! I really did have fun doing it too. My wife even made a few!!!! She had fun doing it too. Now I have to make her a key chain with her first made bullet!!!!
  2. Buddy, I'll have the beer waitin' for you when you get here. That looks so awesome, I can't wait to learn how to do it!

  3. Nice post.

    Nice fish, corn and bullets.

    I have no experience at casting but it looks to be as much an art as a science.

    Taking orders yet?
  4. I have to blame Primal for this!!!! When I went to shoot with him he was talking about it and I was thinking in the back of my head that seems like alot of work!!!!!!!! While it is work it was very enjoyable. Not to mention I am a cheap butt!!! Everytime I heard that hiss in the pale of water I was thinking that is .10cents I saved lol!!!!!

    As far as the art of it..... I would say it is alittle bit of both. I got the idea of doing this about 2 weeks ago. Found the pot at Sportmans Wharehouse and the rest I got from ebay. Still need a 6 cavity mould. Other than that it has been reading stuff online and in my Lee manual. Just figured I would go for it!!!!!! Glad I did. Got my Lee resizer/lubricator coming so when I get back to texas I can start reloading them up!!! Should be right around .05cents a round!!! That is alot better than the .20 or so for WWB in this area!!!!!!!!
  5. Hmmm, cost me about 7 cents per round to buy my Hornady bullets and they are pre-sized and pre-lubed as well as being very accurate.
  6. That isnt to bad at all!!!! Is that total for the reloaded round???????
  7. No.
    Add about 2 cents for a primer and 1 cent for the powder, cases are used.
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    Stryker1 Nice setup
    been wanting to reload 9mm for a while. maybe even .45
  10. Where can I buy the 6 bullet mould ?
    Are you using alloy or old wheel weights like someone mentioned?
    What is the weight of the bullets?
    How much for a re-sizer and luber.
    On average how long does it take to cast 100 bullets?
    If you are buying alloy, who do you use?

    I'm interested in trying this in 9mm for my Hi-Point.
    For my .45, I'll just continue to buy for now.

    Alot of questions and any help is appreciated.
  11. Go to www.midwayusa.com

    They have everything you need. I am using old Wheel Weights. The bullets are 124gr. The mould that I am using doesnt require that you resize them. But the Lee Resizer is cheap and easy to use so I will pick up one of them.

    I cast 275 bullets the first go. Took about a hour and a half. But I only had a 2 bullet mould. I had to wait for it to cool down a few times. But I was making good bullets on the 2 throw.... For me the time isnt a big deal because I found that I enjoy doing it. when I get my 6 cavity it will go alot faster and more bullets per hour.

    I read the lee reloading book they have a good section on how to cast your own bullets and that will explain alot! There was also a thread on here:

    Stolen from Wizard93 post. (Thanks Wizard)


    This was good info only I didnt put the wheel weights strait into my production pot. I melted them into ignots using a cast iron pot.
  12. Be very careful you do not end up with any of the new zinc WW's in the pot, one zinc weight can ruin an entire batch of lead and there's no way to flux it off using home casting technology.

    What you have going looks awesome!
  13. Stryker

    Thanks for the info and the links and thanks to Wizard also.
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    How did you cast the fish and corn? Pics please!
  15. As soon as I line up a wheel wait contact I will begin purchasing the equipment. Cant wait. I need to look into molycoating. Anyone know anything about that. I probably need to read some more before asking that question, but ohwell.
  16. I'm also lining up the contacts then I'll make my purchase.
  17. I must admit, I'm a bit curious to the origin of the fish and corn molds? Old cast iron biscuit molds or what?
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    Hey taurus?...just go to your local tire store and ask them if you can get/ purchase used wheel weights...theyre usually pretty cool about it...ten pounds of weights dont look like much but you get alot of bullets....already do .357 bullets...but would love to get a .355 mold or at least a sizer/ luber that would work with a .357 bullet.
  19. Goin over to the base tire shop at lunch to see if they would be willing to fork some over. By my calculations 7000 grains to a pound, 230 grains per bullet, 30 bullets per pound. So if I offer a buck a pound to entice them, that'll still be cheap reloading at $33 per 1000. Found a guy willing to sell me 1000 45acp once fired indoor range brass for $50. Just gotta find that lead source and I'll be shootin cheap!