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  1. Owner took quite a risk at first, maybe he saw something that told him he wouldn't get shot..... Guess we won't be robbing any more stores today, will we?

    :twisted: :twisted:

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder how many BG's would go into a store to rob it if there was a sticker on the door that states that clerk is armed?

    I still think it ought to be an automatic 20 year no parole sentence as soon as a perp pulls a weapon in commiting a crime.

    If the prisons are overcrowded, build more prisons!!!!!!!!! :shock:
  3. Or he thought since he had seen their faces, that he was dead unless he protected himself
  4. good pernt......... either way - the thought was almost instantaneous. He was DA MAN that day for sure.
  5. Thats for sure, he didnt hesitate, he acted fast.
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    I think you mean former Marine
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    Good for him! I'm glad he did not go to jail too.

    We had a jewelry store owner get shot and killed by 3 Illegals a few years ago. One of the few shootings/murders we've had around here.
  8. As I said in the comments, I LOL'd when I heard that the accomplice ended up in the wheelchair for that swift move.
  9. There is no such thing as a former marine :wink:
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  11. Thanks for the correction, I knew it was something like that :wink:
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    The store owner could have been shot numerous times if the bad guy wanted to do so, the shop owner is being sued by the second bad guy for excessive force. Hopefully the shop owner will win the federal civil suit.
  14. The bad guy probably stood there in shock thinking "I've got the gun, what the heck is this guy doing?"
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    Wear the name, play the game.
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    Ride with the Bg's get treated like a bg
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    I hope he wins the lawsuit too. The moral of the story is, never put anyone in a wheel chair.
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    Seems like if your gonna shoot make sure you kill so they dont sue ya later :roll: