2 CZ-75B 40S&W magazines for sale

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    I bought a CZ-75B from Cabela's, and let's just say, I took advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee. The thing was very inaccurate. I'm thinking it was the ammo that I used (Blazer Brass). They wouldn't buy the two mags I bought for it, so I'm looking to see if anyone would like to buy them off me. They are 12 rounders, I bought them for $20 each off the cdnnsports website. Since they are used, I'll part with them for $35 shipped.

    Model number is MGCZ4012B
  2. cd

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    I really want a 75b in 40, whats the deal, I mean are the mags good? I was thinking I might buy your mags so I have them. Or are you trying to sell the whole gun?

  3. Milehile

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    I returned the gun to Cabelas. I think I got a dud, because I found a forum for CZ and they all claim that the 75B is very accurate, but mine wasn't. I'm just selling the mags. $49 is what I bought them for after shipping, and I think that $35 with shipping is a good deal. Send me a PM and I'll get those shipped out asap when you paypal me the money.
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    These magazines are still up for sale.
  5. Milehile

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    Sold pending funds.