2 meter amateur radio transciver FT2500M Military Spec'd

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    Yaesu FT-2500M milatary spec'd 2 meter transciever. Works great. Just put new bulbs in the faceplate last week. 10, 25 and 50 watts of power. Comes with mount, owners manual and DTMF microphone. Like new, only used mainly for recieving. 150.00 obo I live in Pullman, MI Shipping not included.
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    if I didn't just buy a new pistol I would be all over this.

  3. I may get back w/ you on this one. I've been talking about getting my license again(my dad has his) and would need/want a radio for myself.

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    Now don't anyone get real PO'd with me but if your gonna sell it please make sure they [the purchaser] has a valid ham license. Any of you who are interested and DON'T have this little piece of paper please don't think this is a CB. This requires a Amatuer Radio license to operate if you don't have one and you play wioth one ilegally you will pay a very hefty fine [At least $10,000.00] Just an FYI to CYA :wink: