2 months to live

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    ...that's what I thought when my Judo instructor, 7th Dan, Bob Spraley told me he had Stage 4 kidney cancer and that his Oncologist had told him it had spread throughout his body to nearly every place, except his brain.

    2 months.

    That's what he told me he thought too. But his wife, Linda, said she heard something different from the Oncologist. Where Bob didn't hear much hope at all, Linda did. So he went on chemo. He'd come in to Judo; his Judo club at the Y. He built it up. I teach there, when he can't or when the other head instructor, Michael A. Yoshida, 5th Dan, can't make it (which is most of the time - his wife also has cancer).

    So I teach Bob's classes, along with my Judo buddy, Ken Weis.

    Bob would come in when he felt up to it. He'd cycle through chemo and off-chemo. When on chemo, he'd come in emaciated from not being able to eat and with sores on his hands, feet, and in his mouth. He'd speak like he had a mouth full of mush. His hands looked like they'd been sunburned a dozen times; cracked and peeling. Yet, he'd still try to get in as much of his Jui-do (tm) exercise workout as he could to build and maintain his strength and flexibility. Throughout the whole ordeal, he kept a very positive attitude. He contended that his attitude and his insistence on continuing his Jui-do system helped him make it to the next day. I asked, and received, his permission to pray for him and ask my Church to pray for him.

    Last Wednesday...

    Last Wednesday...

    he came in to Judo and told us that his Oncologist had pronounced him to be in full remission!

    I'm still shocked, gratified, and prayerfully thankful.

    A year ago, roughly, he had Stage 4 cancer and 2 months to live. Now he's in full remission. I'm looking forward to him taking his classes back. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Amazing!....... Appears God wasn't done with him here yet!

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    His indomitable mindset seems to have played a pretty strong role in the recovery. How many people would go to judo class while undergoing chemo? I am certain that you and your class's support had a major impact on his mental and emotional state.

    I hope that he continues to improve and has no more visits from the cancer.
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    I like to think so. :)

    Me too. This occurrence was actually a relapse. He was already in remission once. They only caught this because his blood-work was off when he went in to have a joint replacement.

    Peace favor your sword,
  5. Awesome news. My father survived 12 years after his first surgery. He appeared to always stay positive, but i could tell he sometimes put on a good show. He had great doctors at THE OSU The James and he and they worked together for his treatment.

    In the end, it wasn't cancer that got him. Don't ever underestimate C-Diff. It can suck the life and will to live right out of you in a short few weeks.
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    I didn't know Oklahoma State had a medical school.
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    Kirk - Amen to that!
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    NE Utah

    Truly amazing.

    Between God and science, anything is possible.:)