2 new to me guns--

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  1. They are a Heritage Arms .22LR/.22Mag single action revolver I bought last night at Academy ($149) and an old double barrell 12 GA Stevens shotgun (2 3/4 only)-- I got this one from my father in law yesterday for free-- he started restoring it, but lost the foregrip in the move to his new house. It shoots fine, but needs the blueing redone and a foregrip-- I may restore this one and gift it back to him for Christmas-- Maybe just get him a .22 plinker-- his health aint so good these days...

    I love vacation!!!



  2. deaconwagers

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    very nice. i'm a shotgun man at heart, and frankly i'm a little jealous [i've been lusting for a side by side forever now], lol.

  3. andrew241

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    I will have a side by side one of these days!
  4. Very nice side by side. Those heritage .22's are nice too.
  5. nice...... love the 22 but the shot gun makes me sad, I want one of those
  6. I like that revolver!! I think I am going to have to look around for one of those gems!!
  7. Who DOESN'T have a soft spot for cowboy style revolvers and double-barreled shotguns?

    OK, you who raised your hands, now that we know you're all a bunch of commies; find a new place to live, pronto!

    Tju, I'd venture to say these would be welcome additions to ANY collection. Congrats on your new irons.

    Just kidding about the commie remark. Some of my best friends have never seen "The Wild Bunch," "Shane," "The Man who Shot Liberty Valance" or even "Tombstone." I guess it takes all kinds.
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    Hi-Point don't make no wheel guns, if that makes me a commie, then where is my hammer/sickle flag?
  9. I HOPE you know I was just having some fun while pointing out that most folks think SA revolvers are cool. Ditto side-by-side shotties. I don't actually own either one.
  10. I personally have one of each. I have an FIE "Single Six" Style .22 LR revolver and a Boito Side by Side 12 guage shottie. I love them both.

    The Shottie was my very first gun ever. The wheel gun was given to me for a birthday present by a friend of mine who is no longer with the living. Both guns will be cherished forever.

    Tju, nice guns bro.