2001 Anthrax attack, four US suspects from Fort Detrick MD.

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    Fox news this morning reported that the 2001 Anthrax attack is linked to four scientists from Fort Detrick Md.
    Not surprising, this is the home of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Whitecoat Operation Whitecoat was a US Army initiative to use Seventh Day Adventists and other conscientious objectors as lab rats to test OUR biological weapons of mass destruction.
    Damn. Couldn't they have tried them on the L.D.S. followers?
    Later there was conspiracy theories that alleged that HIV was developed from the Fort Detrick bio-weapons research facility.
    If the scientist are responsible, I say we try out some new weapons on them. Maybe Happy Fun Ball for starters then new dangerous Aids and cancer treatments and then after many months of "tests" on new vaccines we could maybe screw with them on a molecular level, trying to turn some into the invisible man and others into something from a damn H.P. Lovecraft novel ala cthulhu.

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    OK APRIL FOOLS!!!! :p

  3. It's been open knowledge scientists at the facility were involved... no other way anyone could have gotten access to that facility. It's locked down tighter than any facility I've seen in my life.