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  1. in view of potentially tighter restrictions/bans following next year's election, I began thinking about what I should pick up while it's still available. I'm probably going to budget these acquisitions at $1000 or less, and the goal is not necessarily to get collectors items, but, rather, serviceable arms, the more the better.

    My first choice is probably an AK of some sort, and even though it probably is not as likely to be banned, a Mosin.

    Probably a 995 or larger HP carbine, even though I don't think it likely that these would disappear -- they're just too good to go without :D

    I already have five pistols, from .22 to .40 and no long guns, so I'd put less emphasis on pistols, but would not rule them out.

    What do you suggest? Are the ones that I've mentioned the right place to start? And, even if they are, there's still several hundred left over for others. Finally, if anyone has some good ideas on smaller or larger budgets and the guns that fit them, please dive in.
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    You are definitely going to want a .22 rifle Perhaps a Ruger 10/22 and some hi cap mags while they still legal. Or maybe a Marlin Model 60 tube fed You should be able at some Gun shops to find a 10/22 under 200 new and a Mod. 60 for $129 or so new. You should definitely get your hands on a good 12 Gauge as well... That should get you rolling The AK and Hi point carbine are definite good choices. MN too..

    Maybe other things to consider if the budget allows
    I believe some of these milsurp guns are quite a bang for the buck and good for stock up situations etc.
    CZ-52 W/ total of 4 Magazines
    1,400 Rounds of ammo
    Total cost with AZ sales tax From JG sales (shipping would cost a bit more)
    I think that the CZ-52 is a great gun for various situations and is quite carbine like in the range you can get with it.

    Yugo SKS Very good condition
    2 Tapco 20 round magazines.
    500 rounds ammo
    1 tapco SKS fiberforce folding stock
    Total $398.61 W/Sales tax out the door JG sales shipping of course costs more.

    Those might give you some ideas..

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    I'm hoping for an ar,ak,hi-cap mags for both,ammo,10/22 and hi-cap mags.also more hi-cap mags for my glock19.If I can swing it I'd like to get a rifle or two with hi-cap mags for an investment to sell.when the awb went into effect some military rifles went thru the roof.If hillary wins in 08 that will most likely happen again.
  4. Thanks for the tips so far. I forgot to add the 12-gauge, but realized that after I posted. I had not thought of a .22 rifle, though that's probably because I was thinking in terms of bans, rather than SHTF situations.

    As for the Makarov, that's almost certainly my next pistol purchase, but again I wasn't thinking that it might disappear -- is there a reason that it might, as in a general ban on anything ex-mil?
  5. I would REALLY like to pick up an AR-15 before the elections, because if a Dem does get into office, no matter what they may actually ban or not ban, the prices are sure to skyrocket. But I simply don't see how I can afford one (not a new one anyway, maybe if I find a real good deal on a used one). I think for '08 I'll be going after an AK, a 995 or 4095 (haven't decided which yet), a good 12 gauge (mossberg 500/595, Rem 870, or maybe a Stoeger coach gun, though probably not), and a hi-point pistol (which depends on which carbine I get).

    The only two I have a real fear of being banned are the AK and the carbine (though the carbine I'm not as sure about).

    EDIT: Forgot to mention the SKS, if I can swing it. We'll have to see how much cash I have next year between paying bills and saving for a house :)
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    as far as being banned.. many may.. many may not as far as getting cheaper.. probably never happen, So it would be a good idea to load up on milsurps while they are cheap. 10/22 stuff like Hi-cap mags, Folding stocks etc. may very well be banned in the future.. Try not only to think in terms of what may be banned but think in terms that if an non gun friendly regime takes over prices are bound to rise across the board.
  7. Well I have an AK and mags, have pistols even though I want more so I'll probably go with an M4 before the dumicraps rule the roost.

    IMO, Shotties are no problem, nor long guns. Most long guns and shotguns in PA are limited anyhow by hunting regs.

    Pistols may become a problem with wait periods and limits on purchases but will still be available but the "Assault Rifles" will become a problem to get. I might even pick up another AK.

    Get your AR/AK as soon as you can.
    Oh, and don't forget to stock up the ammo also, specifically AR/AK as the ammo itself will become damn near impossible to get.
    Also expect all ammo to go through the roof price wise, The dumicraps may not get away with a complete firearms ban but they've shown their deviousness already and will get around legal guns by outlawing, limiting or taxing ammo.
  8. Start with a .22lr, and like others have said the Ruger 10/22 makes an execellent choice. The tube feed Marlin 60 is probably the second most popular semi-auto .22lr in the US today, my expierence is the Marlin 60 is more accurate out of the box than the Rugers are. Personally I prefer mag feed rimfires over tube feed models.

    If bolt rifles are more to your style then Marlin makes some really good one's chambered in .22lr or .22Mag. Savage also makes decent rimfires but I think the Marlin's are more accurate.

    For lever action .22lr's, or .22Mag, Henry Repeating makes a nice, no frills, gun at a reasonable price. Marlin 39 lever rifles are sweet but you will pay a good penny for them.

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    Quick FYI .. I think I was looking more and more into Marlin Mod 60s not too long ago and they state that the Marlin model 60 is the most popular .22 rifle in the WORLD... Apparently there have been over 11 million of them sold from 1960-present.

    Sorry for the Mr. Moogle moment.
    No offense Mr. Moogle.

    I agree with out of the box reliability.. They are right on My father has 2 of these and they have seen their duty..
  10. Those sound like similar stats to the 10/22, which I've also heard called the most popular .22 rilfe in the world....
  11. First, I want to thank everyone who has replied so far. There have been many great suggestions.

    On the other hand, I think that I may have led the discussion astray from my first post, in that I mentioned HP carbines, and other neat, but accessible arms.

    My original point, which I quickly subverted on my own, was to ask you what firearms are most likely to be banned in the next 15 months, and which, therefore, should be slurped up.

    So: ignoring my earlier praise for HP carbines, and other very desirable SHTF weapons (such as .22 rifles, 12-gauges, etc.) which are on the low-end of the ban likelihood, what should be purchased in 2008 that will not be available sometime in 2009?

    My second cut:

    1) An AK
    2) A Mossberg Cruiser 12-gauge (that pistol grip makes it an "assault weapon!")
    3) Maybe a Mosin (Heck! add the M1, but that's outside my price range!)
    4) Maybe any other millsurp firearm
    5) Ammo for all the millsurp stuff that may disappear

    Please help me out here.
  12. I don't think the mosin will be getting banned, unless they try to do a complete firearms ban, in which case we'll have our second civil war and it won't really matter either way.

    Beyond that, I think you're right on with the AK/AR's, those would be two of the first to go. I'm guessing any type of semi-auto shotgun would be at risk as well. Hell, I know Obama wants to ban all semi-auto weapons period, but I don't think he stands much of a chance at this point anyway. But given that, even the old 10/22 could be at risk in a situation like that.

    Problem is though is that I'm far from an expert at any of this. Most of the other guys on this forum have been firing guns a LOT longer than I have. So they will probably have more insight to bring to the table.
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    M1A, Or M1 Garand!
  14. After all of the guns I bought this year, I think 2008 will be the year of the wife getting what she wants :lol:
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    I think what your wife really wants is for you to be happy. :roll:
  16. Certainly a worthy suggestion, except that it chews up such a large part of the budget and, in addition, my dad has one that I'll inherit at some point.

    A somewhat cockeyed q: what about Intratecs or Cobrays? I suspect that they're silly testosterone toys, but they're cute, and they may well have a strong ban-factor.
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    the hi point .45 carbine will be snatched up soon as it comes out.... but other than that the only other gun i cant seem to live without at the moment would be a legacy puma lever action in .454 casull

    not really an economical round but if you want to shoot a supermag caliber then a carbine would be a cheaper and more usable way to go and for only $500 give or take a few they seem more than worth the good reviews they get
  18. #1-Radom P64,can be had for $149.95 + shipping#2-FEG PA63 can be had for 119.95+shipping,watch how scarce and pricey they get over the next few months,excellent guns for the money,all steel on the P64. Steel slide/Alum.-Titanium alloy frame on the PA63. Excellent CCW weapons,check them out! Oh,and 9X18 ammo,$7.50 a box at AimSurplus! IMHO :D
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    995 with a nice sight on it