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Well I have an AK and mags, have pistols even though I want more so I'll probably go with an M4 before the dumicraps rule the roost.

IMO, Shotties are no problem, nor long guns. Most long guns and shotguns in PA are limited anyhow by hunting regs.

Pistols may become a problem with wait periods and limits on purchases but will still be available but the "Assault Rifles" will become a problem to get. I might even pick up another AK.

Get your AR/AK as soon as you can.
Oh, and don't forget to stock up the ammo also, specifically AR/AK as the ammo itself will become damn near impossible to get.
Also expect all ammo to go through the roof price wise, The dumicraps may not get away with a complete firearms ban but they've shown their deviousness already and will get around legal guns by outlawing, limiting or taxing ammo.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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