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21 Bobcat

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Does anyone here have a Beretta Bobcat? What are your experience with it? Sometimes mine has a FTE and I have to punch a wire down the muzzle to kick the case out. On a Beretta some have called it a POS. Is it brand sensitive as some others have claimed. Kind of useless if it won't feed what is available.

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Which 21 Bobcat do you own, .22lr or .25ACP?

What ammo are you using?

I have ZERO expierence with the 25ACP Bobcat, so if this is the one you have please disregard the rest of this post.

I have owned two model 21 Bobcat's in .22lr, and currently have a Taurus PT22. The Taurus is similar in looks, has tip up barrel and no extractor but that's where the two part ways. Now on to my expierences with the model 21 Bobcat in .22lr...

Bobcats can be real finiky about the ammo they digest, one of my 21's would only function properly with two brands of ammo and the second one would eat anything you loaded it with. I suggest you get as many different brands of ammo as possible and shoot in the gun, this should provide you with what works and what does not.

Soft brass can also give you problems, Remington Golden Bullets (bulk pack, 50 or 100rd packs) is one brand I know of that has a softer than normal brass case. Another one is PMC.

In the Bobcat, the most important thing you can do is scrub the chamber, after each shooting session, with a bronze bore brush and powder solvent. Use a very light oil to flush out the residual solvent and any crud that may be left behind, then use a swab or cleaning patch and remove ALL the oil from the chamber. Again I say... REMOVE ALL THE OIL... from the chamber! .22 ammo is very dirty and when it comes in contact with oil it forms a gunky crud that will cause stuck cases in the Bobcat.

Hyper velocity ammo like Stingers, Yellow Jackets, Viper's and Agiula Super Maxiums will cause problems in the Bobcat too. Most use a really light 30-32gr bullet and longer than normal case packed with a slow burn powder. This type of ammo works best in carbine/rifle length barrels, the light bullet ahead of the slow burn powder is how it pushes the bullet to "hyper velocity" speeds. This ammo needs the longer barrels to get the bullet up to speed and have a complete burn on the powder charge. When used in short barrels you dont get a complete powder burn and pressure may not get high enough to cycle the action reliably.

Ammo that I had good results with in my Bobcats was CCI Mini-Mags solids or hollow point and Winchester Super X hollow points.

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I have the 22lr Bobcat and it is fun to shoot except for the FTE's. Thanks for the tips. I think the Bobcat I have is ammo sensitive, will try the ammo you recommend.

i have one with around 1k rounds through it. they are VERY ammo sensitive. Mine prefers CCI stingers or velocitors. It will shoot abotu anything but you do get FTEs with weaker ammo. Load it with high velocity ammo and you'll do fine. Also if it is a newer gun they do take some amount of time to break in so be patient with it. Ive had several berettas over the years and the 21A is the only one ive deemed to keep in my stable.

I bought a Beretta 21A a few days ago and shot it for the first time today. I took about 5 types of .22 ammo and fired about 150 rounds through it.

It functioned fine with the cheap Federal from Wal-Mart and some hi-speed I bought from Montgomery Ward almost 30 years ago (I still have a brick of this--no idea why it was never shot), both those functioned fine. Remington target, standard velocity, surprised me because it worked fine.

I had a few CCI cartridges that were loose without a box, no idea what they were but they had the 'C' headstamp and brass cases, they would NOT eject. I also had some Stingers and expected them to work well. Again, failure to eject, the slide would close on the fired case and leave the next round in the mag. Several times the case was caught between the breechface on the slide and the back of the barrel, holding the slide open.

Needless to say, I was happy that it functioned well with cheap ammo, but the CCI failure surprised me; I'll not be using CCI ammo in this one.
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try a different lot number of stingers. may have been a bad batch. Wouldnt be the first time.

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