MKS and Hi Point has shooters running 'green' with envy over a new set of factory-fresh variants of their popular JCP and JCP series handguns. That's right campers; there is a special run of factory green Hi Points on the way.

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Hi Point has been producing affordable and efficient fighting handguns for well over twenty years now and has a huge following among shooters. While the company has always expanded their line to improve their offerings and cover all the popular calibers, they have for the most part, stuck with plain flat black guns.

Well that is changing (slightly).

As promised back in May, Hi Point has produced some 2100 guns in an overall flat OD green/Flat Dark Earthy finish on the slide. This gives an attractive two-tone handgun with the standard black frame under the new green slide. Now they aren't the first green Hi-points, but they are the first run of these done in the past few years.

Hi Point explained to us that demand for the standard black is just so high that they only do limited runs of the green guns. Currently there are only a scant 1000 JCP 40S&W and another 1100 JHP 45ACP produced. How much extra do these pistols cost?

Well according to our sources at MKS, the MSRP for the Green 40 and 45 is the same as the black models: $199.99.

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How many quality .45ACP or .40S&W handguns are out there that are comparably priced, new, and have a lifetime "no questions asked" warranty such as these Hi Points? We can't find any (much less in green).

In more good news, you don't have to wait for a few years for these to show up. The company advises us that as of now all of these guns have been sent out to the distributors and dealers and are available across the country.

Keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you spot any in their natural habitat.