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    +1 to no thanks.

    If no one bought it, the price would come down. But everyone is so scared, they pay it. As a result, prices stay high, gougers keep gouging, and ammo stays scarce.

    It sucks, a lot.
  3. Thanks for doing the math. I might have bought it thinking "GREAT DEAL" but $50 a brick is not a great deal.
  4. I absolutely agree 50 bucks a brick is not good.

    But 50 bucks a brick all in one shot without wasting time and gasoline to maybe, maybe get three 50 rounds boxes from Walmart does not seem so ridiculous. And of course I have not seen any .22's anywhere for much of a better price than this since I don't know when.

    Anyway not everyone has rounds stashed and this is at least an option for those people.
    And that is why i shared.
  5. Is it sad that I'm actually considering paying $50 a brick for old stock, LRN .22


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  6. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    there is no dollar sign on peace of mind.

  7. Ain't that the truth...

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    Thats just under .10 cents a round. Still the cheapest plinking ammo around....
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    That stuff is 1980's manufacture.... at .10 per round for 30 year old ammo that may or may not have been properly stored, I'd pass. You can get all the .22LR ammunition you want that is new manufacture at .10 per round. They are throwing in the ammo can as an enticement because the stuff is junk and they know it.
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    The sporting goods manager at the nearby Wal-Mart says he hasn't gotten any .22s in a month, and the same thing is happening at the other 4 Wallys in the area. If the 800-pound gorilla of retail can't get .22s, where are they?
  11. a guy I used to work with gave me a bunch of Federal .22's that was from the 80's, it belonged to his Grandfather. It was stored in a closet in an un-air conditioned house. It all fired fine.

    Where is all the ten cent a round .22 you mention?
  12. That is a good question. I wish the ammo companies would show us there ramp ups.
    I wonder if right after sandy hook, everyone bought all the 5.56 and 7.62 so they used up extra resources for those. and or 9mm. Now 5.56, 7.62x39 and 9mm are anywhere and every where. They have been for months now. Still no 22lr in anything but 50rd boxes and $60+ a brick.
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  14. Well there ya go, other options.

    But the downside being limits on how much you can buy. But it probably works out to near about the same. Before shipping anyway.

    Thanks, i saved that link,
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    In late 2011-early 2012 CMP a had supply of military surplus Remington .22's which if I recall correctly was 1980's manufacture for $125. per 5000 round case. Kind of makes me wonder if this it some of that ammo. I know it didn't stay there long and not that I can prove this, but I heard or read that an ammo supplier had bought the majority of it, I just can't remember who they said it was that bought it.
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    I bought a 500rd brick of Winchester 22lr this afternoon at Academy for $22. I actually went in to get some .40
  17. I have a case of Winchester on back order with Midway, placed the order about 5 months ago.

    Not holding my breath I will ever see it.
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    Well it is $0.10 a round if every round fires, but I have heard reports of 10% or more being duds. Not only no, but hell no. You would have to be pretty desperate to buy that crapola. LOL, and you think that is affordable :confused:, did you read the "fine print"

    "as with all older ammunition some duds and/or misfires can be expected, and the ammo may no longer perform to original specifications, including velocity, ignition, feeding, and extraction."
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    Midway is about to lose all my business. I too have had 10,000 rounds of .22LR on back order with them since last November. They had it for 5000 rounds for $325 and advertised that it was due in any day. I placed the order and after a few days the back order status changed to a 1 year due date... and coincidentally changed to 1 day after the CC I used on the order expires. Since that time they have been selling the same ammo off and on, but at much higher prices. I also have a friend that ordered 5000 rounds at the higher prices and got it with no issues. If they had the ammo they should be filling back orders before taking new orders.

    Seems Midway is pulling the same crap Cheaper Then Dirt did/is.