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  1. What brand of bulk .22 bullet pack is the best? I just finished off a Federal bulk pack and it was less then satisfactory. I've seen Remington and Winchester with Winchester the cheapest. Any ideas?

  2. nicad,

    CCI Mini Mags seem to be my best all around ammo, it works well in all my rimfires. Not exactly bulk pack but its good ammo for hunting and range shooting.

    As far as whats best.... That's something you need to test in your own gun. What works best in my guns may be terrible in yours. One of my rifles shoots the Federal bulk pack into quarter sized groups at 50 yards, another will be lucky to get 4" with the same ammo at 50 yards.


  3. Ari

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    Mine all seem to like the CCI stuff the best. I have been getting it for $9 per 500 but I think it just went up to $11...

    P.S. Not even my Remington likes the Remington ammo LOL
  4. Lately, I've been shooting the Federal bulk pak of 550 from Wal-Mart that I get for $9.00 and some change. My Model 60 and my P-22 love them so far. The Remington is good stuff and I like to shoot it, but I can save $3.00 a box by buying the Federal.... that's enough of a savings for me.
  5. Federal is the one that has failed to eject with all 3 of my .22 Semi autos. CCI Mini Mag and stingers are the best for all of my .22's but are kind of high priced.

    Ari, where did you find bulk pack CCI?
  6. Ari

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    At a local store here in my home town
  7. I find that with my ruger 22/45 pistol, I have to use round nose (NO hollowpoints!) and I'm perfect.

    In my Marlin 70 rifle, I have to use copper plated.

    Brands don't matter all that much but CCI seems to work well.
  8. My newly accurired p-22 loves fedral as does my plinkster but the wifes marlin bolt hates the stuff it like winchester super x
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    The federal bulk pack goes bang the most for me, but when I actually want to hit what i'm shooting at I go with Wolf. 1MOA at 100yds ain't bad for a box stock .22 bolt action and still relatively inexpensive ammo (<$3.50 for a box of 50). You can see the flight path of the bullet on a clear day, which just makes me giggle like a school girl.

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    I just got a P-22 and it doesn't really seem to like the Federal hollow point bulk pack ammo. Is that what you are using and did your P-22 have a break in period till it started shooting them well? The only other type of ammo I've tried in mine is some new production Winn. Wildcat solids. It loved those. Thanks,

  11. I have a P-22 and it doesn't like Federal at all.
    No problems with CCI and Remington golden bullet bulk packs is what it sees most as they are cheapest in this area and have han no problem with the Rems.
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  13. Federal has always been good for me. Works great in my 550-1, my friends 10/22 and everything else i've tried it in. I do have one buddy who had issues with it. Perhaps its a fluke?

    In my experience(as well as that of others) the remington stuff is absolutely horrid. In my box I had many rounds hat were mishapen, deformed, loose, etc. It was so bad that I actually had bullets seperate from casings as they were in the process of chambering.....ugh repressed memories(find a happy place, find a happy place).

    You get the idea.

    CCI is good bang for the buck, but I can't get it in bulk. Can't say that i've tried winchester.

  14. I broke my P-22 in with Remington bullets as I had heard that the Federal were weaker than the Remington loads. Once that bad boy was broke in pretty good, I haven't had any issues with that pistol eating anything I feed it.
  15. Good to know, I've got a box and a half of that Federal bulk left from my Plinkster!

    I bought a couple of hundred CCI Stingers on the recommendation of a friend who says his Marlin 60 eats them up, but I'm going to try the bulk Federal first as it always went bang and gave me no problems (well, it's a little smokey when you shoot 4-500rds in a couple of hours) when I had the little Mossberg.

    If it works, I'll save the Stingers for when I get a chance to go after some rat or rabbit.
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    I think its up to the rifle to like which. My buck mark II shoots anything and it shoots it fine with good groupings, my cricket shoots the Winchester and has a good group but low (.5"-.75" group), the federal are good but high left (.75"-1" group) the Remington are 1 moa to the right of the target with about .25-.5" group...
  17. federal shoots up a right in my 550 generally.
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    Fedreal bulk will stove pipe in my 10/22 once every five to ten mags. Other than that it does great.

    Remington bulk wont fire for nothing in my 10/22 or my 22a. I had multiple ftf's and fte's in my 22a and multiple ftf's in my 10/22.

    I am going to try some cci, and some federal automatch next to see how they work out.
  19. Just picked up a 500 or so box of Winchester X 36 grain hp's at MCSports for $11.99. That was what they had and I figure the 10/22 likes them all.

    Is this the Winchester XPert ammo? If so this is a great small game hollow point bullet because it has a really large opening and relatively soft lead, so you get very good expansion when it hits thin skinned animals. The only problem with this ammo is the truncated design of the bullet does not always feed well in semi-auto twenty two's. I had one bolt rifle that would not feed this ammo from the magazine either, but it shot it so darn well I used it as a single shot. I have shot this in my 10/22 and it had no issues with feeding, but was not as accurate as I had hoped. cant beat a cheap brand of ammo that feeds well and is accurate to boot.