.22 cal. converter for 1911's

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  1. I have seen several different .22 conversion kits for the 1911 made by Kimber and some others. My question is, will these fit most or all 1911s including RIA 1911. I have heard pro's and con's for getting the conversion but feel that the ammo savings would make up for the expenditure very quickly. Any thoughts or experiences?
  2. I've shot several but never owned one. They usually work pretty well and accuracy varies greatly from one to another. They are meant to go on government models but many of them work on other models as well. Magazines are the main problem. They are expensive and not interchangeable between all models. Also, some have a 'floating chamber' that can get fouled and add to the cleaning chore.

    Best advice I can give you is to do a web search and read the 1911 and rimfire forums where these have been covered in great detail. Realize, a good conversion costs about as much as many complete .22 pistols.

  3. Heard the kimber version isn't a bad investment.
  4. I've thought about it but then realized my Ruger Mk II could be bought again for what the conversion would cost. I just shoot it instead.
  5. I'm with you totally however there is something rather cool about shooting a 1911 for 22 prices. :)
  6. I already have the Ruger so it wasn't much of a debate for me. I can buy a lot of .22LR for what one conversion kit would cost.

    However even if I didn't have the .22 pistol I'd probably go find a used one as that way I have a seperate pistol. Heck, go find a used Ruger 22/45 and you have a Ruger that handles and feels like a 1911.