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.22 Laser Trainer

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I like using the laser cartridges for dry training. Saves ammo and you can still get feedback on accurate hits, etc. Almost all of them use a cartridge that fits into the chamber. Almost all, that is, particularly excluding .22 cal.

I just bought a 5.7x28 chambered pistol and there currently is no laser training cartridge for 5.7. However, the bore is .22 so I figured one of the .22LR bore insert laser trainers should work. So $90 and a trip to Amazon got me one. It inserts into the bore end and has a sound sensor that registers the "click" of the FP going home. In my PSA 5.7 Rock, it works like a charm. I can dry fire and use my phone, an app, and a tripod mount to count "hits," look for smears, etc. It's not perfect. It won't simulate recoil or reset the trigger. And there is a chuck of red aluminum sticking 1/2" out the end of my barrel. But other than that, it works just like every other laser training cartridge and will be good for dry training.

So far, it's working pretty well. I imagine it will be a bit more durable because it doesn't have a physical switch that a FP slams into every time.

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Here's a link to the one I bought (Amazon link):

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That looks nice. Could be great for training up my red dot skills...
Bonus, if you have a DA/SA gun, you never have to rack it!!!!

Question....does it take some special targets or software to use?
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