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  2. That was a great write up and equally great information. Thanks for posting that man.

  3. The .22 causes a lot of injuries because of a lot of people putting it in the same catagory as pellet rifles.

    I knew kids in school that would play chicken shooting at each others toes with .22 rifles!
  4. Wow, great link! It would not have occurred to me to do such a thorough job of testing .22rf at those ranges.

    Maybe I can save a lot of weight (expense too) and switch to a .22 caliber 'Zombie-Control-Carbine'

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    that is so much fun seeing that info. I would love to see what else could be done... With all the other ammo that is out there.
  6. Think we had better rethink what all of us shoot, when it comes to having a safe place to shoot.
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    Fantastic info. I knew the Israelis used the .22 for urban sniper situations but would not have believed the power at 300. I still wouldn't deer hunt with one, but survival situation, great caliber to have.
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    In my younger days when money was real tight I used a stevens crackshot to shoot whitetails in an apple orchard. one shot to the head would fold them up in a NY minute. when your kids are hungry and a box of 22lr cost less than a box of hamburger helper you make due............we ate a lot of venison, squirrel, and rabbit that winter.
  10. Waltham! Dude! Playing chicken shooting at each others toes with .22.. that's insane... goodness... I wouldn't even do it with a friggin' bb..
    .22's can kill. People seem to forget that fact.
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    Saw this article linked to from Rimfire central a while back. As I recall it caused quite the ruckus over there for several days and multiple pages.

    Basically it was divided between the "22 ain't good for $h!t" crowd and the more "wow, thats useful to know" crowd,..

    Personally I tend to respect anything coming out of a barrel at high speed. chances are it's tougher than my skin is and would hurt very much if it hit me.
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    The hottest .22LR rounds (40gr @ 1470fps) have the same energy as some of the hottest .32ACP rounds. And, they will likely penetrate deeper as they are narrower.
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    Aguila as some 30 gr that moves at 1750fps.
  14. Be careful of those comparisons. The .22 velocity is likely from a rifle-length barrel; the .32 velocity is probably from one of 3-4" length. A .22 from a short pistol barrel would have less velocity and numbers are very hard to find.

    As an example--I've been looking for true measured velocities from .22 mag rimfire from a pistol barrel (like the AutoMag II) so I can compare it to the 5.7X28 in the FN pistol. I haven't been able to find reliable-measured and not inferred-data.
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    the few i shot out of my P22 through a chrono were sub 1000 numbers no matter what kind of ammo. i had planned on shoting more but my chrono had an unfortuante meeting with a round from my CETME. dang i hate raised sightlines.

  16. That is some good info. I wouldn't be quick to discount a .22LR. I wouldn't "prefer" the .22 for SD/HD but for survival (i.e needing small game for food and needing to travel light and hunt on the cheap) my Marlin 60 is what I'd take with me. As far as "snipers" go, they get their grades for shot placement and a .22 is sufficiently lethal when you have that advantage. I'm certainly not going to volunteer to be shot by one. :)
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    ummmmmm wow, is all i can say. :shock:
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    .32ACP from a pistol:

    .22LR from a Walther P22:

    Interestingly enough, the lack of expansion on all the bullets from these rounds sounds like the result of lower veloctities. That said, I wonder if when using a .22LR pistol for SD one might be better off with solid-point bullets, as at the lower velocities should a HP actually expand, it might not penetrate deeply enough to do significant damage.

    However, especially with a .22LR rifle, I have no doubt in my mind that it could be completely lethal. And Im not talking about rare cases of eye shots and stuff. I just mean in almost any case if any other handgun round was going to kill someone (shot to the heart, to the lung, to the spine, to the diaphram), a .22LR would do it with likely just a little more time for sufficient blood-loss.

    And actually, based on my research, I am trading my 995 for a C9 for an HD / carry gun, and getting a 10/22 as my primary "SHTF" gun.
  19. Do you think Hi Point will ever make a .22? It would be cool if they did....
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    That would be awesome. It would probably be the first good budget "modern-looking" .22lr pistol, heh.

    But hell, even if they "started" it now it wouldnt be out til like 2025, haha.